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MU turns sticky stretch: Legendary unmask employers, singled vandals
Evra unhappy about operation of the MU (Image Source: Internet)

Evra unhappy about operation of the MU

Specifically, Evra countered fiercer leaders Manchester United because the water goes wrong in the work assignment, that former team is hurt because of human arrogance had no respect whatsoever for Sir Alex Ferguson and the previous generation. Besides, Evra also criticized some former teammates "did not dare to speak out for fear of losing their jobs."

Former French player confirms "there are some people working for MU are undermining this club," warned former team in danger of blowing its heritage while working on the deal trade, said deputy chairman Ed Woodward as well as Head judge Matt negotiations must be responsible for procurement uncalculated way of the team in recent times.

Evra said: "Ed Woodward believed people should never believe. He even put their trust in people outside the club, rather than Matt Judge. A sports director of a big team because I told Matt once called Judge caught his phone.

Actually MU lawyer to talk to the players rather than the expert scouts. They only talk about numbers but where the football center. Solskjaer now trying to reach new players and talk to them and how Sir Alex Ferguson did.

MU turns sticky stretch: Legendary unmask employers, singled vandals
Vice president Ed Woodward was criticized Evra (Image Source: Internet)

Vice president Ed Woodward was criticized Evra

When Sir Alex and David Gill also here, if Manchester United want to buy a certain player then we will come to speak directly to him. Van Persie, Vidic, Ferdinand ... all happening quickly. I remember Gill flies to Monaco to convince me, he looks at it as a member of the CIA so. That's because we talk directly about football.

People like Richard Arnold Executive Director to bring money to MU with the ability to perform multiple sponsorship contract impossible. So we have the money, but no player since has sent the wrong person to go talk to them. MU to spend up to 100 million pounds for a player is only worth 20 million pounds. But now they do not even want our money again. "

Evra is not the only one dissatisfied with leaders Manchester United. Rio Ferdinand been disappointed with the summer transfer window of the home side at Old Trafford. Squad Ole Gunnar Solskjær weak and lacking in current positions but no worthy additions.