MU unleashed a spectacular breakthrough in the final stages of the season 2019/20. Bournemouth 5-2 Great Victory was the 16th consecutive match team coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær's unbeaten run in all competitions. And so, "Red Devils" have display rival Premier League top 4 extremely attractive with Chelsea and Leicester.

MU top 4 Premiership race: Stone
Pogba and Bruno Fernandes was successful platform for MU (Image Source: Internet)

Pogba and Bruno Fernandes was successful platform for MU

This time gap between the Army team coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær ranked third with Chelsea 5 points, with Leicester - both teams fell to fourth after Arsenal draw is 4 points, but no stone MU within 34. If you win at Aston Villa "Reds" will reduce the lead to respectively 2 and 1 point.

Everything is still in front, especially when Manchester United and Leicester also meet in the round of 38. The sports betting firms now believe that Manchester United will end the season 2019/20 in the top four Premiership. Firm William Hill has rescaled ability MU top 4 Premiership.

Day 4/7, William Hill out of proportion to the ability to enter the top four of Chelsea is 4/11 (dropped 11 4), followed by Manchester United (2/5). Literacy ability in the top 4 of Leicester is 4/6. Followed respectively Wolves (12/1), Arsenal (50/1), Tottenham (100/1).

But come on 8/7, after Air Leicester Arsenal left Crystal Palace 3-2 Chelsea labored win, William Hill significantly reduced feeding point. Rate capability at Chelsea into the top four, according to William Hill are 1/5. Manchester United is 2/5, ranking immediately after. Leicester this time, the ratio has changed is 5/6, then the Wolves (12/1), Arsenal and Tottenham (at 100/1).

Looking at the schedule 3 team Manchester United, Chelsea and Leicester with the chain 16 games unbeaten in all competitions, the Manucian no reason to confidence in the darling team. Remember, Manchester United and Leicester also clashed on lap 38 Premiership.

English football experts believe that this will be a battle "final" for the top four Premier League this season. Veteran writer Martin Samuel said in the Daily Mail, Manchester United will be the team to victory over Leicester to win the Champions League next season.

MU top 4 Premiership race: Stone
MU (red shirt) and Leicester match promises "finalist" in Round 38 (Image Source: Internet)

MU (red shirt) and Leicester match promises "final" round 38

As assessed by leading sports writers in the UK, while MU sublimation how much fluctuation Leicester back much. Since the Premier League back to the post-pandemic Covid-19, Leicester won only right 1 of 6 matches played over Crystal Palace, the rest lost to Chelsea in the FA Cup, losing to Everton in the Premier League and Air 3 another match.

In contrast, the performance of MU rock wars this season really well. They beat Man City 3 of 4 matches played, Chelsea won all three encounters. Both 2 are all lost big in both 2-legged in the Premiership when confronted armies "Reds".

According to statistics from Opta, Manchester United have won 18 points out of a maximum 30 points in 10 matches against Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Tottenham. "Reds" won both Chelsea and Man City in 2 matches respectively, earned 4 points in the first 2 times for Tottenham.

Considering the achievements confrontation internally Big 6, only the new Liverpool better achievement MU. Klopp's side have won won 19 of 24 points maximum. They meet again Arsenal and Chelsea.

After all, the great battle between Leicester and Manchester United 2019/20 Premier League day at 22h lower screen, 26/7 is considered the ball "final" top 4. In the first leg Premiership within 5 days 14/9, United won 1-0 thanks to a penalty Leicester of Rashford.

In the end of July this rematch, yet the outcome unpredictable. However, any team will win the chance to win the Champions League tickets greater than ever.