Recently, coach Jose Mourinho has shared the old man Man United. Specifically, Captain Tottenham confirmed "Red Devils" would be one of the heavyweight candidates for the Europa League championship after being removed from the Champions League.

Mourinho worried about MU's appearance at Europa League

MU only takes 1 point in the last 2 matches of the group stage to qualify for the 16 Champions League team this year. However, teachers Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could not complete this easy mission. 2 consecutive failures before PSG and Leipzig have officially made the British representative to say the most prestigious arena.

However, according to Mourinho coach, this accidentally became a challenge for his Tottenham, in the context of "rooster" set great ambitions on the opportunity to be in Europa League this year. "The teams fell from the Champions League are often very strong and they are at a higher level than Europa League," Mourinho said.

MU threaten Tottenham in Europa League: Mourinho declared
Mourinho used to lead Mu Europa League champion (Photo source: Internet)

Mourinho used to lead Mu Europa League champion

In the past, "special people" helped MU champion Europa League in 2017. Therefore, the Portuguese strategist understands the current situation of both MU and Tottenham.

"Man United is one of the top teams not only in England but also in Europe. The table in the Champions League is very difficult for all with the appearance of two other strong teams PSG and Leipzig . I understand that winning tickets go on is not easy for any team, "Captain Tottenham added.

MU threaten Tottenham in Europa League: Mourinho declared
"Special people" indicate the injustice in UEFA regulations (Photo source: Internet)

"Special people" indicated the injustice in UEFA regulations

The fact that the 3rd classes of the Champions League rounds were down from the 1/16 Europa League round was UEFA's regulations to increase competitiveness and attention in the European-class European Cup tournament. However, with Coach Mourinho, this regulation should soon be canceled because of injustice.

"On the sporty point of view, it is difficult to accept when a team failed in a higher level tournament for further competitions in the smaller level. Imagine the following, if Europa League has a tournament Elsewhere, perhaps the 3rd class teams Europa League team fought again.

In football, sometimes we face reality unsuccessful or unlucky, come out and towards the new season is the most reasonable, "Mourinho concluded.

In the latest developments, Tottenham closed the Europa League group in the top of the table, than Antwerp 1 point, after winning Antwerp 2-0. UEFA will draw the next round of Europa League on December 14.