Dortmund had the first friendly match since training in Switzerland to prepare for the new season. Dortmund beat SC club Altach 6-0 in a match that Jadon Sancho and young British star Jude joined Bellingham also present besides Erling Haaland, thorgan hazard, Julian Brandt and Emre Can.

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Sancho in a friendly match on Wednesday (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho in a friendly match on Wednesday

Dortmund side had previously announced that it would terminate negotiations with Manchester United after the Manchester clubs do not meet the price of 108 million pounds before the deadline date of 10/8, day in Dortmund began to focus for the season 2020/21 . MU or seems not seriously perceive Dortmund deadline in place, or hesitation with other prices.

The Sancho still rock friendlies initially showed Dortmund meant business when setting a deadline, and after the game Sancho has spoken for the first time since the injury crash, said he is very excited about the opportunity to team his play during the season 2020/21. Sancho's words show that he seems ready MU brushed aside at least until next summer.

"I would love to play alongside teammates now. This is an exercise in particular, we have young players stand is growing and I am very happy to play with them, instruct them, . I've been in their position, the stadium and the players have experience, "said Sancho.

MU switch 2
Sancho proved exciting opportunities before Dortmund next season (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho proved exciting opportunities before Dortmund next season

"I entered the professional football at the same age as teammates youth of today, I have experienced many things and be able to guide them to what should or should not do. I hope I will help you that have animated force for making progress and we will work together to conquer the title this season. "

Public opinion still believes in the ability to sell Sancho Dortmund eventually for MU by 3 years ago this club also had to give Ousmane Dembele to Barcelona despite previous assertions made sure from the team officials. However it was after Dembele has caused all kinds of pressure and "super brokers" Mino Raiola riot meeting, but this time there was a chair thrown and Sancho were very pleased with the prospect of ice add 1 season another in Germany.

MU switch 2
Costa and Coman while Bayern Munich last (Image Source: Internet)

Costa and Coman while Bayern Munich last

According to The Mirror, Manchester United eventually decided to shelve Sancho service and switch to the other two goals. It was Kingsley Coman Bayern Munich and Juventus Douglas Costa, two wingers potentially dangerous scorer. Coman rich Costa speed while the left leg is extremely dangerous and can cut hearts scored no less than Arjen Robben.

The MU pursue Coman mentioned last month by the newspaper The Athletic but Coman showed no intention to leave Bayern. Costa also to the next month will be 30 years old and have many questions about the ability to maintain performance and integrate with English football's Brazilian players, not to mention the very long history of injury, much less Robben.