Chain superb achievements of teachers and ecstatic Solskjaer are doing the "Manucians". Specifically, the chain of 15 games unbeaten in all competitions, scoring 38 goals and conceding only 4 times. Concurrent with that, MU is full of opportunity in the top 4 to 6 rounds of the season remaining.

MU sublimation unexpected: Top 3 Morning door, going beyond Chelsea & Leicester
MU is on track (Image Source: Internet)

MU is on track

Before round 32, the distance between the MU and the top 4 was 5 points. But the Chelsea and Leicester horse fell at the same time, creating a great opportunity to "Reds" took the lead with two teams ranked in the now only 2 to 3 points.

Considering theoretically, MU can the finish in the Top 3 if maintained sublimated form as at the present time. In the sprint race, "Reds" do not have to meet any competitor in the "Big Six". In contrast, Chelsea have to make guests Liverpool or Leicester also encounter Arsenal, Tottenham, Sheffield.

This time the team of Leicester's new risk Top 4 knocked out early. Team coach Brendan Rodgers does not have to be winning the Premier League since its re-launch. The new 1-2 lost to Everton and won 2 points / 3 recent games shows Leicester's hard to compete with Manchester United or door Chelsea.

However, "The Blues" after the humiliating defeat by West Ham are also experiencing tremendous pressure. If the play are teetering, Chelsea immediately in the next round could be surpassed MU. Specifically, with a goal difference superior palsy (+20 compared to +13), Army Solskjaer just get all 3 points before Bournemouth and Chelsea drew hope that will officially hit the Top 4.

In case of continued disappointing Leicester, MU even can invade the Top 3. With chain style high 15 consecutive games unbeaten, the target is within reach when the distance between the two teams is now also only 3 points only.

In the next round, Manchester United only have to meet the team ranked penultimate in the league Bournemouth. Despite being very thirsty points in the relegation race but recent 3 games, the team of Eddie Howe had to admit defeat. That's why the three points is situated in the calculation of the "Reds" and just two rivals Chelsea, or stumble Leicester, United will continue to rise.

MU sublimation unexpected: Top 3 Morning door, going beyond Chelsea & Leicester
Top 3 beckons MU (Image Source: Internet)

Top 3 beckons MU

Certainly MU goals in this season that is in the top 4 best team award, with tickets to attend the UEFA Champions League next season. This time, the Norwegian national strategy is an optimal team performance with "destruction". So MU absolutely can go to the destination in order to repay the great expectations of the fans the last time.