Some of Greenwood goal in Manchester United shirt color:

Mason Greenwood no registration list of MU played in two recent games against Newcastle (5 Premier League, won 4-1) and PSG (PSG Champions League encounter, 2-1).

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed "Sao Mai" 19 years injured, but the whole team a few hours before boarding MU to France, journalists are still caught him train at Carrington training center.

MU sublimation, Greenwood
Greenwood coach Solskjaer was "suspended" because of frequent late in the session (Image Source: Internet)

Greenwood coach Solskjaer was "suspended" because of frequent late in the session

Sources from The Times revealed, Greenwood is subject to internal penalties for undisciplined behavior. Specifically, "Sao Mai" are often late in the session, leaving the coaching staff and to meet privately vexatious reminder.

However, answering the media, coach Solskjaer insists he game pet only have problems with health: "I can not provide the problems related to the health of the players. Greenwood was young and we do not want to deprive any chance to play him yet. Hopefully he will be fit by the end of the week ".

This is not the first time Greewood stick "phosphate" undisciplined. Earlier in September, when the England to Iceland to prepare for the UEFA Nations League, Greewood and Phil Foden (midfielder payroll Man City) was discovered secretly met two girls at the hotel where the "Three Lions" quarter. Then coach Graeth Southgate harshly type two players from the team in the game against Denmark, Wales, Belgium.

Greenwood is a product of the youth academy elite MU. 2019/20 season saw 19 year old striker burst violently with 17 goals / 49 games, setting a series record unprecedented. This season, he has contributed 1 goal in 4 games played.

In the past, no less "Morning Star" may not develop as expected because of the influence from the scandal off the pitch. Therefore MU fans worried glory to so fast that smug Greenwood.