Leaded but MU was still upstream to defeat Sheffield United with a score of 3-2. This victory helps "Red Devils" to rise to the 6th place on the English Premier Rankings with 23 points, inferior to the team leading Liverpool 5 points but still a match in hand.

MU spectacular upstream, set 2 records
MU set up 2 more records after the reverse screen defeated Sheffield (Photo source: Internet)

MU sets 2 more records after the reverse screen defeated Sheffield

Until now, the yard's performance is one of the biggest bright spots of MU this season, with 6 full matches in the Premier League. "Reds" are the only unused club on the ground this season and they continue to make two more records after the victory over Sheffield United.

The reverse curtain before Sheffield United helped MU become the first team in the Premier League history to win 6 away matches after being punctured first. In addition, the army of Coach Solskjaer also became the first team in the highest tournament of the Fog of Fog scored 2 goals or more in 10 consecutive guest matches.

MU's next mission will be to improve their home yard performance, when they only have 1 victory and 2 draws after 6 matches at Old Trafford until now this season. Speaking after the match, Coach Solskjaer said his team clearly realized it.

The Norwegian strategist said: "We need to improve the performance at home. The current home and away yard does not differ because there are no fans on the yard. It seems that we will be in this situation a little longer but we should get used to Old Trafford yard than other fields. "