Since leaving Arsenal, Alexis Sánchez is only a shadow of himself. Chile striker played a total of 45 appearances for Manchester United and only 5 goals. Switch to Inter Milan, achievement of Sanchez worse, 1 goals in 15 appearances.

MU - Solskjaer welcome good news: SAO
Sanchez could not achieve much in color shirt Inter Milan (Image Source: Internet)

Sanchez could not achieve much in the Inter Milan shirt color

This achievement makes lousy Inter Milan abandon the intention to recruit Alexis Sánchez and soon returned MU the expiration loan. "Reds" are at risk "è neck" paid for "Star dumbbell."

Chilean striker received a salary of £ 350,000 Hardware / week at Old Trafford and Bonus of up to £ 500,000 can / week. Although Ole Gunnar Solskjær has expressed the willingness to use Sanchez as the player back but obviously, if possible liquidation "heir" to high wage will help MU widening wage fund.

However, this only happens if Alexis Sánchez take a pay cut. Recently, the club president Club Universidad de Chile expressed the idea to invite the striker born in 1988 repatriation to "retirement".

"I spoke with Alexis Sanchez and he's Universidad de fans Chile. Alexis wants to play for the team in the match before retirement. Frankly I want full star of Chile as Marcelo Diaz, Isla, Edu Vargas, Alexis Sanchez ... but you have to be realistic. "

MU - Solskjaer welcome good news: SAO
Alexis Sanchez will continue to leave Manchester United this summer? (Image Source: Internet)

Alexis Sanchez will continue to leave Manchester United this summer?

However, president José Luis Navarrete also "hangs" always conditions for repatriation of Manchester United striker. "The economic situation is not bright, it is a common problem of the world. Alexis problem lies in how much can a pay cut to join the Universidad de Chile ".

In another dimension, AS Roma also send signals to the MU glad when they want to get the services of Chilean striker. According to Italy's Sky Sport, Rome team is planning to borrow Alexis Sanchez and possibly accompanied buyout clause.

Although Sanchez played no impression in color shirt leaders Inter Milan but Roma striker believes is consistent with the philosophy of the team football. MU will probably be very happy to receive this news but perhaps they still will have to bear most of the salaries of 350,000 £ / week like contract with Inter Milan.