Two recent seasons, David de Gea suddenly lost form. Spanish goalkeeper is not "bearer bond" for United again but on the contrary, turned into "leftist" with silly mistakes. A lot of shadow phase, De Gea can handle better, but the MU guard house to play distracting cryptically.

MU shocking transfer: Pick son instead De Gea myth?
De Gea is often a lack of focus play (Image Source: Internet)

De Gea is often a lack of focus play

MU is undergoing reconstruction team and a goalkeeper is paramount. According to Sun Sports, Ole Gunnar Solskjær and the coaching staff has reviewed the situation of the team personnel.

The De Gea played much distraction is by no proper competition. Both Romero and Grant were older but less experience playing in actual combat than De Gea Premiership. Therefore, the duo failed to create enough pressure for the Spanish goalkeeper efforts.

Therefore, MU're recruiting another keeper increase competition and even to replace De Gea always if necessary. According to the The Sun, the name is aimed to shock everyone. It was Kasper Schmeichel, son of Peter Schmeichel legend.

This is the name is no stranger to those who love football Premiership. Danish goalkeeper caught the Leicester squad has a long and maintain stable performance. Kasper Schmeichel particularly likely to catch pretty good penalty, which De Gea could not do in seven years.

MU shocking transfer: Pick son instead De Gea myth?
Kasper Schmeichel each jacket MU during childhood (Image Source: Internet)

Kasper Schmeichel each jacket MU as a child

However, the goalkeeper was almost 34 and still turned 3-year contract with Leicester. Therefore, it is unclear how much MU want to spend money on this deal. But if the deal is successful, De Gea will have to prove their competence again like in the MU owns Lindegård.

This is according to the sources identified MU still parked Dean Henderson. British goalkeeper had a successful season with Sheffield United, but the coaching staff evaluate this new goalkeeper at "potential" and need to add 2 or 3 years experience war really mature.

Earlier, Solskjaer also said that "major catch for MU will be very different from the major catch for Sheffield United. The system play different, different requirements. Besides, pressure caps MU is very large the young goalkeeper easily make mistakes. " If this is the reason the teacher Norwegians towards a goalkeeper as much experience Kasper Schmeichel?