Not long ago, rumors topical MU journalism has reached an agreement with midfielder Jadon personal Dortmund Sancho. English players pitch westfalenstadion joined three years ago and has proven his talent. Privacy in this season, had 20 goals and Sancho 17 is created for the team of the German Ruhr area.

MU Sancho dreams have Jadon £ 100m
Sancho is rumored to have reached agreement with MU individual (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho is rumored to have reached agreement with MU Personal

According to the Express, Sancho is the number one target of Manchester United after Tottenham "yelled price" too terrible for Harry Kane. The source of the Daily Mail said "Reds" just spend 100 million pounds acquisition of Sancho instead of £ 200 million if purchased Harry Kane.

Another advantage of "Reds" in the acquisition is Dortmund need money. Field team westfalenstadion not the team abundant in finance and services Covid-19 that most of the revenues of the team was delayed so they need a substantial financial contribution in the coming period to ensure a balance for Team soccer.

However, according to the latest statement of the vice president of United, Ed Woodward will make many fans not startled. "No one is to accurately assess the extent of damage of football. Upcoming transfer window can not operate as usual. The first priority has always been our team's success.

MU Sancho dreams have Jadon £ 100m
Vice president Ed Woodward "extinguish" the rumors "blockbuster" (Image Source: Internet)

Vice president Ed Woodward "extinguish" the rumors "blockbuster"

Therefore, we need a more comprehensive picture including reopening the time of the transfer market can make accurate plans. So, I can not be sure with you that the transfer will take place hundred million pounds this summer with the actual situation as now. "

With this statement, Ed Woodward thought almost wiped recruit "blockbuster" expensive press recently erected. The above statements also very consistent with the way the transfer of Solskjaer, it is prudent assessment of the situation, not to rush, trying to buy extorted.

But this would be a blow "came a smokescreen" to many people. Jadon rumored upcoming MU excessive Sancho makes Dortmund are pushing the extension with the midfielder. If the former Manchester City players agree, the "Reds" will be difficult because prices will skyrocket multiplied.