Sources from ESPN said Dortmund every effort to agree a provision named Mason Greenwood in negotiations of MU the "Reds" are desperate to have Jadon Sancho at last summer. However, MU when it rejected this offer. Greenwood then signed a long-term contract with the Old Trafford team and business disruption Sancho.

MU players gamble: There is change,
Manchester United want to take back to England Sancho (Image Source: Internet)

Manchester United want to take back to England Sancho

However, when United needed the stars of tomorrow to build a new empire under coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the name Sancho once again appear. 20 adult star from Manchester City's youth academy as one of the "bamboo shoots" the world's most expensive, at 100 million pounds or more.

Ability Sancho leave Dortmund for a better class berth is not surprising, and it almost happens in the transfer window this summer. With 17 goals and 19 assists to teammates in the Bundesliga and the Champions League arena made the reputation of Sancho increasingly known. Manchester United and Real Madrid are currently second placed team with serious problems of this young player.

Towards MU, obviously it's hard to compare between Greenwood and Sancho because everyone has a very personal strengths and abilities. Greenwood MU mature from oven and growing very fast. England left foot property was assessed and the quality is extremely rare in the world at present. With MU, Greenwood will certainly soon have major rock performance by a huge potential.

In fact, MU can completely move all play a hand if they too like Sancho. If append Greenwood on offer to buy Sancho, MU can reduce decent transfer fee. In the context of economic downturn due Covid-19, this may be a good plan are considered. Meanwhile, Manchester United will hold a string in the negotiations.

Sources from Diario Madridista confirmed Sancho will only choose either United or Real in the summer of this year, after eliminating Chelsea joined the plan. This newspaper revealed MU willing to spend more than 100 million pounds if pushed into the same lines, an attempt was won by Sancho before the interest of Real.

Spanish team also plans to assign players to reduce the transfer fee. With the current situation, Real have more alternatives than MU if playing the guise of this, because they are pretty much promising young stars. Real defender being loaned to Dortmund, Achraf Hakimi, could also be part of a negotiated plan.