Manchester United are waiting for Paul Pogba's return, at least on the bench, when the season is entering a difficult and important stage. The French star is having to play indefinitely because of persistent fish eye injury from the end of the previous season.

Pogba constantly had to take a break for injury (Photo source: Internet)

Pogba constantly has to take a break for injury

Pogba missed two recent matches of Man United because of the fisheye problem and according to the Sportsmail, the current injury of the French star was more serious than the previous times. It is known that Pogba's injury has lasted from the end of last season. Although he was back to play, the 27-year-old midfielder was sometimes painful and recurred.

The 2018 World Cup champion has experienced a surgery in January to solve the fisheye injury, but MU's health workers still recommend that it is very careful in using Pogba.

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed his student who had a complex ankle inflammation, making this player forced to sit outside in the past time.

French midfielder will need more time to completely recover

Do not exclude the possibility that MU will continue to lack Pogba at Southampon's confrontation this weekend (21h, November 29). Even, the opportunity for Pogba to contribute to PSG in the next week (3 hours, December 3) is also left open due to the relatively slow recovery of this star.

Coach Solskjaer is gradually getting used to the arrangement of the lineup without Pogba. The Norwegian strategist confident MU will remain the power despite not to have the service of the French midfielder. Pogba caused controversies to say that he was inspired to play better when he gathered in France, which this player could not get in MU.

However, the class of the former star Juventus is still not arguing and MU still expects one day Pogba will revive to help "red demons" realize their ambitions.