The bright spot at MU

In the January transfer window last Odion Ighalo Bruno Fernandes and was brought to Old Trafford. Solskjaer's side then there is a great match circuit, 11 games unbeaten - 8 of which were victories, even before the team won the big team like Manchester City or Chelsea.

MU pandemic highlights Covid-19, Liverpool - Man City to
MU become bright spots during and after a pandemic Covid-19 (Image Source: Internet)

MU become bright spots during and after a pandemic Covid-19

Pandemic Covid-19 was coming, MU continues to be the highlight of English football. Liverpool and Tottenham - the team has earned a lot of money in recent seasons, have taken significant steps to condemn, and even the Daily Mail called "shameful". They claim to receive benefits from the British Government, a pay cut whole club staff and attempted to negotiate with the players pay cut.

Meanwhile, MU continued commitment to not reduce wages not only with the team's players and coaching staff, but also with the entire staff of more than 3,000 of the club. Not only that, "Reds" also has a series of actions other humanities.

They reimburse moving expenses £ 245,000 as well as ticket prices for 700 fans - those who intend to follow the team to the field of Lask in the Europa League. And if the rest of the 2019/20 season on the field can not take place with the audience, vice chairman Ed Woodward also decided to refund tickets for fans.

The team has conducted more donations £ 240,000 for charities youth worldwide - who also have some influence because of the pandemic. The club staff as well as former players have made more than 3,000 calls and welfare to the elderly and the fans of the team with disabilities.

Actions of MU humanities vilified

Join hands in action sequences for pandemic Covid-19, MU another mass action other humanities. Employees of the "Reds" has made more than 6,000 organizations catering for the National Health Services UK (NHS) in hospitals in Manchester and Salford. Accompany the meal it was the beer or cider bottle, to the medical staff motivated against Covid-19.

MU pandemic highlights Covid-19, Liverpool - Man City to
Man City Embarrassment because Kyle Walker (Image Source: Internet)

Man City Embarrassment for Kyle Walker

And above all, what the United fans can be proud of their darling team, that's how the players cope with the pandemic Covid-19. Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Harry Maguire and David de Gea were voiced for the community to join hands, the whole team at the same time the absolute compliance of social spacing commands.

Meanwhile, Kyle Walker, the star of the Manchester City first "fun" with prostitutes, back 3 times breaking the rules of social spacing. Jack Grealish players even driving accident in drunk in the time of the British government asked residents to stay indoors.

But according to the Daily Mail, other clubs are pooh-pooh the humanitarian action of Manchester United, and that this team is only good at "colored" with the idea of ​​a sly PR team.

Example with LED panels off the action of the words Manchester United, became NHS United - an act to encourage NHS organizations. Accordingly, it is thought that this is not the idea comes from the staff at Old Trafford as Manchester United announced, which are polished skill games from the club's PR team.

Additionally, MU was supposed to do "unnecessary". That's when the "Reds" decision free of charge to borrow £ 130,000 3 player Kieran O'Hara, Joel and Ethan Hamilton Pereira for 3 club Burton Albion, Hearts and Bolton.

But ultimately, whether as picture or comes from the heart, the action of Manchester United during the pandemic Covid-19 is still very commendable. And if considering not-doing-nothing lead, the "Reds" much more humane.