Participate in answering press conference with Solskjaer with a rookie midfielder Donny van de Beek, who just had the first main kick in the Premier League this season before Southampton in the 10th round of the English, the match that MU won 3- 2 with great public belongs to the striker Edinson Cavani.

Mu Mu PSG press conference: Solskjaer handles Cavani, Funny news about De Gea?
Solskjear wants to close the Champions League round with a leading position (Photo source: Internet)

Solskjear wants to close the Champions League round with a leading position

The hottest topic in the past few days is the Cavani case the risk of a severe penalty when posting sentences is said to be racist to social networks after the match against Southampton. When asked, Solsa said: "We contacted Cavani and he was regretful for what happened. There is no evil intention here, just a happy greeting.

FA asked him to explain and we would support him. This is really an unpredictable situation when he just came to this country, while in Uruguay people used another language. We will support him, but we also respect the FA. I am sure Edinson had a harsh lesson. "

The upcoming match is also a reunion between Cavani and PSG, talking about this, Solsa said: "He is ready to play, of course PSG is a special thing for him when this is where he's once The number one striker. But I know it will help him have more energy. He is extremely professional. Seeing the old team and the recent incident may affect a little to him, but he must know how to put everything aside. "

Talking about Cavani in the professional aspect, Van de Beek is also for teammates praising words: "Having him in the team is very important, especially with me, the space in the penalty area will be more The defenders will pay more attention to him. There will be more space for our midfielders. "

Cavani is ready to play PSG

Besides, Solsa also revealed a happy detail about Cavani: "He just learned 2 English words: tomorrow, break. He wants to leave a practice a day after a win. When we won he learned that sentence! "

The Norwegian strategist also said that there was no competition between Martial and Cavani: "Only one position in this team has competition, it is between Dean (Henderson) and David (de Gea). The remaining people are able to play in many different positions. Anthony, Marcus, Mason, Even Edinson can play anywhere in 4 attack positions. "

About the situation of MU's forces before this match, Solsa newspaper news: "Today's group is very crowded, everyone wants to contribute to and everyone raises his hand in the selection list." The Norwegian strategist then confirmed De Gea practiced again and sufficient trends to play. In the match against Southampton, De Gea had to leave the yard early after an unsuccessful saving effort, causing the knees to hit the post.

Solsa confirmed that MU will go to the field towards a victory and desire to close the group stage in the lead position. In fact, "Red Devils" only need to add a draw to officially have a capacity in the 1st round. They are leading Table H with 9 points after 4 matches, PSG and RB Leipzig rear behind with 6 points. Istanbul stands with the table with 3 points.