MU - PSG match images

Paired with Scott Mctominay in the center of MU midfielder, considering Fred expertise had a bad match. The gameplay is not afraid to collide of Mctominay - Fred duo (Pham 9 total errors) to help MU not too much in the first half and half of the 2nd time.

MU miserable because of Fred's
FRED situation hit the head with the paredes (source: Internet)

Fred situation hucked with paredes

However, the behavior of the Brazilian midfielder caused a lot of trouble. In the 21st minute, in a situation where Bruno Fernandes seemed to have had Diallo swung his hand on his face, having a collision between a MU and PSG player group. Fred had a puzzled action with a headline towards Paredes, causing PSG midfielder to fall off.

The referee immediately references Var, in the context of this support technology to make a warning about the possibility of a red card directly with Fred. However, the referee only warns Brazilian midfielder with a yellow card.

By 38 minutes, Fred and Paredes collided with each other and PSG midfielder rolled out. Even if the referee identifies the new PSG player as a mistake and must receive a yellow card. The slow rotating phase showed that Fred also intended to "retaliate" against an opponent with a step on Paredes when the player fell.

To the second half, as soon as Marquinhos increased the score to 2-1 for PSG, Fred's too fierce play was triggered for MU. In a shadow phase in the 70th minute, Fred had a situation where he prevented Herrera's glacial momentum and was blown off to the penalty, synonymous with the second yellow card. MU players are controversial, thinks that Fred has entered Winning the ball but the decision was given.

Fred seems to have hit the ball in the second yellow card situation?

After Fred left the field, MU met and difficult when she was worried about anti-counterattack, just looking for a equalizer. Although Coach Solskjaer has launched four key articles Pogba, Van de Beek, Ighalo and Greenwood into the yard, but what happened after that was a goal to finish the match for PSG, stemming from a quick counterattack situation .

Sharing after the match, Solsa was depressed about Fred's "headwork" situation: "Fred shouldn't head towards that player, I don't think he has touched him, but he Already luckily when still staying at the yard ".

When asked about Fred, it should be replaced by the break, Solsa said: "Maybe ... but Fred has played very well, we talked about having to calm down and hold their feet. The second yellow card is not a bug, Herrera knows that. "