Evolutions Europa League quarter-finals, Manchester United - Copenhagen

MU had needed extra time and a 11m to overcome Copenhagen results in quarter-final series. Meanwhile, Inter Milan, the biggest rival of the "Reds" in the left arm, crossed a difficult play Bayer Leverkusen in a way that could not be more convincing, which has a goal of Romelu Lukaku. This is the name that Berbatov that will cause many difficulties for United if the two teams met in this year's Europa League final.

MU Lukaku fear of
Solskjaer was the one who pushed Lukaku go (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer was the one who pushed Lukaku go

Belgian striker spent two unhappy seasons at Old Trafford before being pushed to Inter Milan and then look at yourself. Berbatov said coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær should worry if the two teams confront each other in this season's Europa League final, by former Everton striker has every reason to play a hard match to "revenge".

"Lukaku is a concern for me, he has scored 23 goals for Inter in this season, it is a great achievement," Berbatov said on Betfair. "I always say I like him in terms of a player, that if given the chance, he would score. He's very fast, extremely strong, his goal through Leverkusen prove it.

He is the main threat to any opponent. Lukaku would want to write a few goals against the team pushed him away. Lukaku had to suffer criticism in Manchester and he was right to decide to leave. Let's look now at Inter he goes, so wonderful.

Inter also Alexis Sánchez and Ashley Young, who understood MU. If meet in the final, the players will want a screen revenge, to prove to MU that the team made a mistake for them to go. "

However, to advance to the Europa League final this season, Manchester United will have to pass a "monument" of the league are Sevilla, the team won the championship five Europa League, in the semifinals. Representing Spain overcame "phenomenon" Wolves in the quarter-finals with a goal in the last minute. Meanwhile, Inter Milan will face Shakhtar Donetsk, the team had a convincing victory 4-1 in the quarter-final in Basel.