A week seismic with "Red Devils"

One point is that everything MU needs to reach the 16 Champions League team, but they have lost their loss of continuing. The performance that "Red Devils" before Leipzig at Red Bull Arena has shown that Europa League is probably the playground that has just reached them.

MU is removed from the Champions League

In the match "Sinh Tu" with Leipzig, MU has played with a team of 5 defenders. Coach Solskjaer has joked that his team never did everything easily and they couldn't make themselves better with a bad start at Red Bull Arena. They were led 2-0 after only 13 minutes. The large number of defense of "Reds" still reveals a lot of gaps to operate opponents.

MU has hoped that he hoped to have a score after Bruno Fernandes and Pogba immediately scored two goals to shorten the ratio to 2-3. At this time, the "Red Devils" fans began dreaming about the upstream wading screen they did before West Ham and Southampton in the last two rounds in the Premier League. However, no miracle for MU and the 2-3 score is kept at the end of the game.

An important week became seismic for coach Solskjaer. This failure made him stumbling criticism from the legends of the team. After the match, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes did not hesitate to show that MU's biggest problem is a team lacking identity.

Ferdinand told BT Sport: "They look like a team that doesn't know how to play with 5-person defender. The players play discrete and do not know how to fight the crossings. They are also completely overwhelming in midfield. I think Manchester United need a long-term plan. A consistent strategy for players can start building a memory-based relationship, based on knowing where people will move on the field. "

Scholes also agreed with the assessment of the former teammate, when commented: "Sometimes you will enter the match with only 1 day of preparation. I think what OLE (Solskjaer) is trying to find identity for the team. We came here today, none of us knew how they would play, what would they do, how would they do it, we don't know. It's hard for him to find out because the team doesn't have a consistency. "

Mu lost to mature, the slapping pain for the ambition of
Coach Solskjaer still has not shown a clear gameplay (source: Internet)

Coach Solskjaer still can't shape a clear game for MU

What will MU learn after failure?

This loss is the most obvious evidence of MU's unstable under Coach Solskjaer. After nearly two leads, the Norwegian strategist has not been able to make a clear game for the Old Trafford team. He often disturbed the team to play in the matches. As a result, "Red Devils" have very good performances but also many times disappointed for fans.

The removal of the Champions League is no different from a painful slap for the "Renaissance" ambition of MU. Since Sir Alex Ferguson retires in 2013, "Red Devils" cannot win any big title despite spending a lot of money on the transfer market. From the "selected person" David Moyes, until experienced coaches like Van Gaal or Mourinho, they had to put away because they couldn't help "Red Devils" back to the peak.

Coach Solskjaer certainly felt the pressure on the possibility of being fired in the near future. The mission of the Norwegian strategist needs to soon bring "and the ship" MU returned if he didn't want to leave "no blank trumpet" like predecessors.