Mu plays bad at home

MU has prepared the hope of hope to welcome the Champions League runner. Winning 2-1 right on French land with extremely stable style with a series of 4 full matches, the army of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confidently defeated PSG to end the table early.

MU failed before PSG

After all, people only noticed disappointment. The loss of 1-3 right at home made MU not only loses the head in the opponent's hand, which is now at risk of being great, even though they only need 1 point in 2 matches with PSG and Leipzig Tickets continue. It seemed to have everything in her hand, now feeling all drifting pity with MU.

That failure was not the first time "Red Devils" caused disappointment when playing at Old Trafford. There was a time when MU was the team playing almost the worst of home in the Premier League this season. After 8 home matches in every front, "Red Devils" lost to 4 games, Hoa 1 and won 3 matches. They only had exactly 1 victory at Old Trafford in the framework of the Premier League, with a 1-0 result over West Brom on November 22.

Meanwhile, MU of the passest yard version is completely different. 8 passed away games, the army of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer won 7 matches. The only loss on the away field until this point of "Red Devils" is an accident 1-2 before Istabul Basaksehir. 7 The remaining victory, they even defeated the rivals like Everton or PSG himself in the first leg.

Reasonable explanation

When the match with PSG ended, the Manucians asked each other, why did MU play badly on the yard so much? Before the time of Covid-19 outbreaks, experts explained that the moderate pressure to win, the beautiful stone made the army of Coach Solskjaer unable to develop the camp defense.

However, since Covid-19 outbreaks, the audience is not entering the yard for months, but MU is still kicking or away or the yard.

MU lost PSG Cup C1 carpet: headache because of
MU rocks currency at home under coach Solskjaer (Photo source: Internet)

Mu kicks currency at home under Coach Solskjaer

Many people think that MU simply doesn't meet. The match with PSG is an example. If Martial did not miss an extremely delicious opportunity to eat in the 49th minute, if Cavani's finish went into the empty golf instead of the crossbar in the 57th minute, perhaps "Reds" did not lose.

But that is only very small details in a overall picture. MU couldn't black for a long time. Remember that this situation has been prolonged, even during the period of coach Solskjaer to take right in MU.

So, the most specific explanation is probably only located in Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, about his tactical thinking in home matches. It seems that the Norwegian military holder is too deeply imbued with Sir Alex Ferguson's thoughts, that when playing at Old Trafford, MU is not played, unable to let the opponent encroach on.

Take the example from the two confrontation with PSG. On France, Mu came out with a 5-3-2 diagram, accepting low play to resolve the rival's shadows.

But the re-match 3/12 was different. "Red Devils" thought that he was at the upper door, took with a 3 striker diagram, while Rashford's dispute and defense support and Martial was not really good. Little players participated in the defense, MU received the blow they had ever to hit the opponent, so that the cheek failed.

With this situation, it's too difficult for MU to go far in any arena. If Mu plays at home or as a passive yard, they are now leading the Premier League with full winning achievements. But all are too far away.