MU had a second consecutive defeat to fall 1-2 before Basaksehir Turkey in the framework plays 3 C1 Cup group stage. Previously, teachers Solskjaer lost in Premier League Arsenal last weekend. Defeats in Turkey shows full of MU issues at the present time, the blunt and less obvious.

MU lost C1 Cup rookie carpet: Press fierce criticism legendary
Martin Samuel Solskjaer criticized teachers and students on the Daily Mail (Image Source: Internet)

Martin Samuel criticized teachers and students Solskjaer Daily Mail

Writer Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail has commentary on the game titled "misery behind Solskjaer piling even more." Samuel praised the efforts of the players Basaksehir especially the "veteran" Demba Ba and Rafael, also criticized United's defense and coach Solskjaer.

"Being 2-0 down after 40 minutes, MU defense proved embarrassing. How do they conceded one image reminiscent Atalanta against Liverpool last night. No, it was worse. Solskjaer can not apply that defense.

This reflects the weakness of the coach's tactics. Why not pay attention to three? Why not be warned Matic and how Mata as defenders had kicked in the second goal? Still too many questions need to be answered. "

MU lost C1 Cup rookie carpet: Press fierce criticism legendary
"Competitions like some U10 players" as criticism of Scholes for Manchester United players (Image Source: Internet)

"Competitions like some U10 players" as criticism of Scholes for Manchester United player

Paul Scholes, Manchester United legend agrees perspective for the juniors as "stone like some 10 year old kid." Scholes wrote: "You must make sure that there is always someone playing in defense. This situation is probably the fault Matic but who also want employees to scoring. They play like little boy 10 years old so. After this ball held out at the last minute, it may acceptable, but that's just the first 10 minutes of the match. "

"Manchester United have a harder time attacking play when only one ball. On defense, all disappointing. Both the defender and the striker must play better. The defenders have great responsibility. They need solid 1-on-1 when caps MU but seems like it is too much for them all. "

Most of the other former players also share this view. Martin Keown, Dion Dublin Owen Hagreaves or have used the word "embarrassing" to describe the situation on defense led to the first goal of the MU.

The pressure continues to increase with Solskjaer is that Mark Jones in The Mirror

Meanwhile, writer Mark Jones of The Mirror that Solskjaer started noticing heavy pressure than ever after this match. Mark Jones pointed out the problem of the MU in this match is shorted speed leads to no mutation, using the central midfielder was being "chaotic" and unsuitable. To end the article, this writer has posed questions and predict the future of Solskjaer.

"The manager can temporarily leave the defeat to move forward, but the patience of leaders Manchester United have also the objectives pursued are having problems? A defeat at Goodison Park on Saturday could lead to a negative outcome with Solskjaer ".