Mu just made fans disappointed to lose 0-1 against Arsenal at the 7th round of the English. The fans of "Reds" are not only sad because of the results but also by the team's play. Although he was played at home but MU could not overwhelm the opponent and Arsenal created more dangerous opportunities.

Mu lost 3/5 home match:
MU lost to Arsenal right at Old Trafford (Photo Source: Internet)

MU lost to Arsenal right at Old Trafford

The Old Trafford was a firm fulcrum of MU on all arenas but now, this seems to be no longer available. Failure to Arsenal was the third loss in 5 times the nearest homeowner of MU mature in every arena, scoring 7 goals and conceded 10 times.

This is indeed an incredible statistical statistics. In this series, Solskjaer's teacher confronts 3/6 grandfather's grand premises and the result is too pathetic. They lost 1-6 before Tottenham, drawing 0-0 against Chelsea and finally failed before Arsenal recently.

If you look at MU's passenger results, we see the contrast clearly. "Reds" to win 5 games must be the nearest guests, scoring 15 goals and only hitting the net twice. It seems that Solskjaer's teachers are "afraid" to kick in "the theater of dreams". This is really a gird and difficulty explaining.

Solskjaer and the students are "afraid" to kick at home

Considering objective causes, the audience cannot go to the pitch directly to the Covid-19 translation, making the yard advantage decrease little. Old Trafford has a capacity of about 76,000 seats that are always filled with the audience in every MU's match.

The energy source from the stands contributed significantly to the competition of the players on the field as well as caused the opponent to be neglected. However, MU needs to feel lucky when there is no audience in this match because they have to receive more pressure on such a performance.

A remarkable point in this series is that MU's home-like results are often interspersed with sublimation matches. They just lost Brighton 3-0 but lost to Tottenham 1-6 days later, winning PSG 2-1 with Chelsea and the sound of the 5-0 win over RB Leipzig was a 0-1 defeat before Arsenal.

This indicates that MU's forces are not thick enough and strong enough to create consecutive victories in every front. Solskjaer certainly knows this but does the Norwegian teacher be able to solve this problem?