Back then the national team match series, fans are expecting MU will witness the darling team changed meat, stood up after the 1-6 defeat against Tottenham. There, recruits as Edinson Cavani or Alex Telles, who just joined the "Reds" in the last days of the summer transfer window, is expected to debut the Manucian.

MU languished awaiting launch Cavani: 5 Stars 0 Council threatened
Cavani been repeatedly confronted with the giants of English football (Image Source: Internet)

Cavani been repeatedly confronted with the giants of English football

According to The Athletic, Manchester United had to find ways to shorten the time Cavani was isolated. Still, the rookie of the "Reds" to complete isolation until 20/10. Cavani can not launch color for the trip to Manchester United shirt to Newcastle airport.

MU confirm Cavani took an extra week to isolation. On November 21/10, "Red Devils" encounter PSG in 2020/21 Champions League group stage. Cavani is allowed to play in this match, but to be ready physically and performances on the pitch. This promises to be a very interesting match with "El Matador".

Though Cavani could not immediately contribute to MU in the way Premier League 2020/21, the fans, "Red Devils" have no reason to wait for the contract "contract blockbuster 0" is. Because, Cavani is the threat to the Premier League giants in the period he was on the payroll or previously Napoli PSG.

According to statistics, Edinson Cavani achievements confrontation owns extremely impressed with the Premier League giants. The Uruguay striker has a total of 19 times face to face with the giants of the group "Big 6". Of these, the Spurs, the team recently beat Manchester United 6-1, are the only English giants have never faced Cavani.

Parameters from Planet Football said the Chelsea team that confront most Cavani with 8 games, 4 wins, 2 draw and 2 fail. 8 games in this, "El Matador" scored 3 goals and 2 line is created; with an average of 202.6 minutes / 121.6 minutes on the table and shoes contributed to a goal point (goal or tectonics).

Next is Liverpool. At Manchester Napoli and PSG, Edinson Cavani 4 times confront red shirts Merseyside team, with achievements won 1, drawn 1 and lost 2 matches. In this 4 games, Cavani were duds, offset 2 tectonic lines. When confronted with the defending champions home Premier League every 162.5 minutes Cavani again involved in a goal of managing the team.

MU fans will have to wait to Cavani debut "Red Devils"

Man City, achievements confrontation of Edinson Cavani much better. Year-old striker scored 33 goals in 4 times 3 confrontation, while managing the team won 1, lost 1 and Air 2 matches. 115.6 minutes on average to hit the net again Cavani's neighbors Manchester United team.

Edinson Cavani 2 times face Arsenal in the past, drawn 2 matches both. Despite playing two games but he also has 2 goals. Thus, just as many confrontations "Gunners" as he scored.

And finally the MU. Cavani just 1 time against Manchester United in the past, it was PSG losing battle, "Red Devils' 1-3 pitch at the Prince Park. Only thing this game to minute 90 + 5, the new coach for Cavani came Tuchel. And of course as long as it is not enough for him to make any imprint.