MU faced difficulties from Leicester City. Day Premier League 2019/20 curtain, "Reds" need at least a point to defend his position in the top 4. But until the endgame, team coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær is about much more than that .

MU is the so-called champion Europa League, the biggest rival is?
MU 2019/20 Premiership finish in third place (Image Source: Internet)

MU 2019/20 Premiership finish in third place

With a 2-0 win over Leicester, Manchester United did not win tickets to the Champions League, but also the finish Premiership top 3. This is not the achievement to be proud if we look at the milestones that Sir Alex Ferguson's brilliant each set for the hosts at Old Trafford, but nevertheless it is also encouraging confidence for the team coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

Unfortunately in the FA Cup semi-finals, losing to Chelsea 1-3 Manchester United again. This result makes "Reds" to lose a title. Thus, the Europa League final will be the arena for coach Solskjaer hopes seeking his first title in his capacity as head coach MU.

After'm 2020/21 Champions League berth, MU will be stripped psychological burden while attending the Europa League. Team coach Solskjaer will attend this tournament with the goal of winning the championship, without having to think too much about the goals for the European Cup next season.

At this time, Manchester United look to have put one foot in the Europa League quarter-finals. 1/8 round first leg, Manchester United beat Lask 5-0 right away. And further the next opponent of "Reds" in the quarterfinals nor too strong. That could be Copenhagen or Istanbul Basaksehir, either this team will be the opponent that MU should beat in the Europa League quarter-finals here.

According to the draw branched Europa League Thursday 10/7, in case pass Lask, MU will face the winner of the match pair Copenhagen - Istanbul Basaksehir. If you continue to the semifinals, rival Manchester United will be the team to go forward in the branch Wolves / Olympiacos - Roma / Sevilla.

Avoiding Inter Milan - the opponent is considered the most difficult to play in the Europa League, promises to help advance the path of the "Reds" become more prosper. And according to its assessment of sports betting William Hill, MU is a team capable of winning the Europa League 2019/20 championship highest.

MU is the so-called champion Europa League, the biggest rival is?
Europa League champions Manchester United 2016/17 with Mourinho (Image Source: Internet)

Europa League champions Manchester United 2016/17 with Mourinho

According to William Hill, literacy ability Europa League champions Manchester United are 15/8 (drop 8 of 15) - the lowest rate among the 16 teams still have a chance coronation. MU was ranked right behind Inter Milan. The ratio of the team champion Italy is 9/2.

The next position in turn belongs to Leverkusen (13/2), Wolves (7/1), Sevilla (8/1), Getafe (14/1), Roma and Shakhtar (together 16) ... The team Manchester United lost 0-5 in the first leg - Lask ratio Europa League champions up to 500/1.

Therefore, MU - with the excitement of the stars after they make productivity to win tickets to the Champions League next season, is expected to go straight a circuit to San RheinEnergieStadion - the venue for the final Europa League at 2 days 22 / 8 (Hanoi time). At least Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, the orchestra star Rashford MU still an arena for direction on, to hope that they will not be empty-handed in the season 2019/20.

And moreover, if you do this, the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær will prove that he was more successful than his predecessor José Mourinho. Remember 2016/17 season - the first season, "The Special One" led MU team ranked only sixth in the Premier League and to win tickets "salvaged" by Championship Champions League Europa League. United's posture this time much more dignity, and "Solsa" can be proud of that.