Ole Gunnar Solskjaer once said MU considers "Hardly I am an addiction", has absorbed into the blood. Perhaps Solskjaer lived too long under the "Red Devils" roof, so addicted to spread and together the students put themselves in the wall of the wall against Leipzig. Only thing, this time did not have any liberation, no rise to any adversity, no reverse curtains.

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Just drawing is enough to continue, but MU has caught up to 2 goals after only 13 minutes before Leipzig and getting more a third goal of embarrassing in the second half because of the mistake of defense. Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba scored 2 goals within 2 minutes to MU back to the match, and they were almost lucky to smile at Mukiele's accidentally deficit in the 90th minute.

After all the Champions League was finally in the Champions League while MU fell to Europa League, and he had an incredible and emotional evening. Shocking is the general mood shown on many newspapers, because MU won the 5-0 deepen Leipzig in the first leg in Manchester. But there are also press units don't think so.

The Daily Mail with a familiar big tire style expresses unexpectedness. Judge Martin Samuel Write: "For the opponent to lead 1-2 goals and inevitably there will be a moment that cannot be gone, but the unexpected thing is that MU did it too fast, flew out of the match quickly Before returning in a more quick but not enough way ".

Meanwhile goal.con said that MU is even younger than Leipzig, one side is a squad that has experienced European Cup and the other side of the 3rd season of the Champions League round. "Why did MU enter a fear of a few weeks ago they won 5 goals bold? MU players seemed too weak psychological, continuously the upstream was not a testament to express the bravery of a winner, "Daniel Lewis commented.

MU is removed from C1 Cup: Leopard him shocked, only 3 biggest charges
Post the match in the Guardian newspaper (Photo source: Internet)

Post the match in the Guardian newspaper

But the Guardian's David Hytner said that MU's reverse curtains have never been a good thing completely and has a comment that makes Harry Maguire. "The item suddenly started in Istanbul and was not surprised when they continued to tremble, this team did not seem to know who believed in anyone but Bruno Fernandes when he needed to calm itself in front of the wind. Only Bruno is the one of the attacking front, "Hytner evaluated.

Manchester Evening News is not surprised that MU failed, and also talked about the inequality of defense. Samuel Luckhurst writes: "There is no luck that exists forever, but this match may have known that they will never return to the peak with people like Maguire or de Gea. These two players are not and will never get into the group of world-class players. "

Men scored the Mu players of this match and extremely harsh with goalkeeper David de Gea and defenders. Aaron Wan-Bissaka suffered the worst score of 2 due to Leipzig's Angelino, but De Gea, Maguire, Nemanja Matic and Alex Telles were no more than 3 points. Meanwhile, Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba were 7 points, this sheet praised Pogba created an urgency in the attack on the goal he scored.