According to Daily Mail, Sporting Lisbon will receive 5 million euros in the case of Manchester United 2019/20 Premier League finish in the top 4. This is one of the terms of the deal, Bruno Fernandes sub dock Old Trafford in the winter transfer window of 2020.

MU in the top 3 lost more than hundred billion still happy: Cause for Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes scored on a 11m (Image Source: Internet)

Bruno Fernandes scored on 11M

Should know, MU has set many sub-clause in the contract to recruit Bruno to reduce risk. "Reds" Fernandes recruited with the initial amount of 55 million euros. If the terms of sub-complete, Sporting Lisbon received a total of over 85 million euros.

If Fernandes won the Golden Ball in the future, "Reds" will spend 15 million euros for the Portuguese club. In case of MU sell Fernandes, Sporting Lisbon will receive at least 10% of the profits.

Bruno Fernandes influence on the play of MU is indisputable, since he landed at Old Trafford.

With 8-phase set, he was the scorer of MU 2nd time since his debut rock. Meanwhile, in the statistics on the number of end points (44), the number of times definitely on target (18), number of tectonic (7) and the number of opportunities (30), no United players who pass pass Bruno.

Calculated in all arenas, Fernandes scored 10 goals for Manchester United, perform 8 tectonic phase. According to the Mirror, the Portuguese star who is the greatest achievement is the Champions League by Manchester United.

In a 2-0 win over Leicester in the last 38 Premier League victories helped MU hold 3rd place in the standings, Bruno Fernandes was the one who opened the score of the game on penalties with a goal, but the ball-style "dancing feet stars "familiar, fool Kasper Schmeichel.

Earlier, Fernandes was done through balls for Anthony Martial break down, causing Evans fouled in the penalty area.

Should know, from the beginning to the current 2017/18 season, Bruno Fernandes made 20 11m results in league and European Cup and not miss any circumstances.