For the first time in the period after manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United advanced to the semi-final 3 in a season (League Cup, FA Cup and the Europa League). But in all 3 semifinals, teachers and coaches must recognize failure Solskjaer, turns against Man City, Chelsea and Sevilla eventually.

Coach Solskjaer (Image Source: Internet)

coach Solskjaer

In confrontation with the Spanish representative in the European sky, MU has squandered many chances, make mistakes in defense and accept defeat Sevilla 1-2 aggregate reverse.

After the game, coach Solskjaer admits Manchester United have to learn many things: "When you can not take advantage of his opportunity, it will be very difficult. We are a young team at the moment. All will need to improve if you want a good position on the chart or to advance further in the tournament trophy. "

Meanwhile, Harry Maguire regret for MU have played better, but not on the final: "Everything is difficult. The better team had lost. We almost have everything in this season, but now back empty-handed. The whole team has put pressure on the enemy from the first ball, but then to reveal too many loopholes. "

In reverse, coach Julen Lopetegui praise MU but still think Sevilla deserved finalists after good performances: "This is a tough game. All the players played well against Manchester United. Sometimes you need to know cower and we did so. MU is a great team and play beautiful football. However, our goalkeeper had excellent performances. "

Boil down, MU lost to 3 semi-finals in a season was not a random thing. All pointed out that the Army Solskjaer still reveal weaknesses and must be completed before the new season, before thinking about the long-term goal is the return heyday and snatching the title.