Maguire risk captaincy stripped

Date 17/01/2020, Harry Maguire was appointed new captain of Manchester United substitute Ashley Young after the player joined Inter Milan. However, so far decided to give the captaincy to Maguire does not seem to be effective as desired.

MU headache looking frontman: Solskjaer will choose Fernandes replace Maguire?
Maguire risk MU deprived armband for poor performance (Image Source: Internet)

Maguire risk MU deprived armband for poor performance

Manchester Evening News newspaper said, are waves from Manucian, ask the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær be cruel to Harry Maguire. Accordingly, the contract worth £ 80 million are not suitable as the flagship for the home side at Old Trafford. Instead, fans of Bruno Fernandes believes new Manchester United are worthy of becoming the leader of the "Red Devils".

Harry Maguire reveals many problems since the start of season 2020/21. He caught in scandal to fight and arrested in Greece. From that time, many have said that Maguire does not deserve to continue to captain the team.

But worse, the performances of the England midfielder past period is extremely poor. At Tottenham 1-6 shock defeat at home, Maguire was rated as the worst player when directly mistakes leading to goals conceded 4 minutes, opening day of the tournament the club's worst in decades by. This match, scoring only 5.4 Whoscored for Maguire, lower than both players chased Anthony Martial.

Professional weakness, Maguire also did not show the ability to revive the team mentally. In fact, by not ensuring the required expertise when that defense is always the biggest weakness, so the voice of Maguire with the team is not big enough.

Bruno Fernandes is the answer?

According to the Manchester Evening News, this time the players Manchester United are playing with great inspiration from Bruno Fernandes. All players have to look at the Portuguese to play, not Maguire. Bruno not only meet the terms of expertise, abilities and urged him to revive the spirit of the team was also recorded.

Bruno Fernandes will replace Maguire as the new captain of Manchester United?

Even to Manchester United in January but until last 1/2020 2019/20 season, Bruno Fernandes has been voted the most outstanding player of the MU season. Leadership of the 26 players are shown since he was on the payroll of Sporting Lisbon.

Bruno Fernandes, a former captain of Sporting Lisbon, is a guide put this team to the resounding success as the championship league Portugal 2018/29, Portuguese League Cup 2017/18 and 2018 / 19. As to Portugal, Bruno Fernandes also contributed greatly to the League Championship 2018/19 UEFA Nations.

For years, appointed captain has become the major problem with United defender Nemanja Vidic in the period. In this stage, the role of "leading Devils" respectively awarded to Wayne Rooney (2014 - 2017), Michael Carrick (season 2017/18), Antonio Valencia (2018/19), Ashley Young (2019/20) and Harry Maguire (from early 2020 to present).

Looking at the names mentioned above, perhaps Rooney in 2014/15 season was completed tasks. Later stage, all (including the Rooney) are not responsive in terms of expertise as well as bring the spirit warriors, undauntedness as the elder Roy Keane, Gary Neville and Nemanja Vidic ... no true leader on the pitch, "Reds" who has strong and hardly competitive major trophy since 2013 to present.