This project comparing previous data of the team, to simulate the remaining matches of the Premier League this season, creating the final standings. Current Premier League paused for pandemic Covid-19 and not yet definitely fixed return date.

MU has spare capacity C1 Cup, Tottenham took the Arsenal: Unexpected computer predictions
Arsenal not for European predicted the coming season (Image Source: Internet)

Arsenal not for European next season predicted

With Manchester City - standing team runners - banned for the Champions League next season, 5th place in the standings will replace the Green Man in this tournament. According to final results, this location belong to rival Manchester City, Manchester United. Three names left in the Champions League along with Chelsea, Leicester and Liverpool.

"Red Brigade" also will get the championship, a prediction is probably the easiest ever, when they're ahead of teams ranked in the rankings after the fact to 25 points. FiveThirtyEight predicts Kop 99% to the throne, while the opportunity to make a surprise Man City only 1%.

The two teams left in the Big Six as Tottenham and Arsenal to squeeze together in the middle of the standings. Spurs with 55 points have been put on the Arsenal (53 points), which will have a projected capacity of the Europa League.

At the bottom of the standings, things are not smooth forecast for Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich, when they were relegated with the team respectively 36, 34 and 30 points. West Ham narrowly escape when 38 points, ranked 17th.

The last chart also shows the chances of each team in the Champions League, won the Champions League berth and relegation. So, even though West Ham, Watford and Brighton escaped relegation in the simulation predictions, the statistics show that they are at greater risk when the season back.

West Ham have 31% risk of relegation, while Watford and Brighton achieve respectively 25% and 19%. At the top of the chart, accounting for a chance in the Champions League for Wolves and Sheffield United also is not high, only 23% and 11%.

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