There is a "wild house" mu

MU under Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer always exists a matter of thinking about being paradoxical. It was "Red Devils" often played well on away yard than home. The problem is that, even when playing without the audience because of the Covid-19 pandemic, this situation still happened.

Mu plays erratically at home in this season

In the Premier League this season is an example. Last 10 rounds, MU's opponent was an extremely difficult team. Accordingly, "Red Devils" into Manchester marched to Southampton St Mary's yard, the team was at No. 5 on the rankings. Finally, MU opposite the divine line, defeating opponents 3-2.

It can be seen that teachers of Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not hesitate to play away from home. Since the beginning of the season, even MU's achievement is much better than in the "Holy League" Old Trafford.

Accordingly, all four away matches this season, MU won 12 points absolutely. These Brighton, Newcastle, Everton and Southampton have become the generals of "Red Devils". Upstream Lower Southampton, MU set a record with 8 consecutive guest victories in the Premier League. This is an unprecedented achievement in this team history.

However, in Old Trafford was another story. From the beginning of the season, Mu played 7 home matches on every arena. Sadly, they lost to 3 games, Hoa 1 and only won 3 matches. Meanwhile, 8 passenger matches have passed in every front, coach Solskjaer's team won 7 games!

There was a statistics about MU in this season 2020/21: "Red Devils" don't know in 4 openings on home field in the Premier League. This is the first time MU noticed a bad landmark so bad since the season 1972/73, then this was half a century. It was also the season that MU only finished the 18th final.

Waiting for coach Solskjaer award "Old Trafford Curse"

A question is asked, for what reason makes MU play badly at home? It was once talked about suffocating pressure that 7 thousand people in Old Trafford came to the young army of "Solsa" competing. So since the football returned to Hau Covid-19, the Old Trafford was not a specter but MU was still bad.

Mu Great War PSG, Coach Solskjaer cure the obsession at home
MU has lost to PSG right at Old Trafford in the 2018/19 season (Photo source: Internet)

MU used to lose to PSG right at Old Trafford in 2018/19

The PSG reception in Old Trafford at 3h on 3/12 was important to this team. Winning the Runner-upian house, MU definitely has a ticket to the knock-out round. Moreover, they are almost as strong as the leader of Table H "death" when he loses Leipzig 0-6 in the last round of the end to lose the first end.

In the first leg, Mu won PSG 2-1 right at the Park the prince. But returning to Old Trafford is a completely different story. The 2018/19 season is an example. MU lost to PSG 0-2 at home, but then won 3-1 French water champion on the opponent to enroll in the quarterfinals.

Luckily for the army of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, they played well in home matches at the Champions League Front this season. MU won Leipzig 5-0 in the "Theater of dreams". After that, "Red Devils" Istanbul Basaksehir successfully with a convincing 4-1 victory. Therefore, Next PSG will be the opportunity for Coach Solskjaer to treat the disease of "wisdom houses" that has long existed.