Last time, the media reported MU preparing explosive "blockbuster" followed in summer 2020 transfer window named Sergio Reguilon. Left payroll Real Madrid, Sevilla caps on loan in the 2019/20 season and played extremely excellent, so "Reds" determined to spend up to 27 million pounds (30 million euros) to he owns.

MU lost patience with Real in the deal Reguilon and decisive shift to the left defender Alex Telles (Porto) (Image Source: Internet)

MU lost patience with Real in the deal Reguilon and decisive shift to the left defender Alex Telles (Porto)

Manchester Evening News However page citation from the Sport (Spain) revealed Real have not made a final decision on the future of Reguilon. Even Radio COPE said Real also suggest additional terms noose acquired 24 players, while Manchester United is unlikely to accept this.

In the context of the new season about to start painting, MU does not seem doomed to fall into the passive and display "flip truss" full of surprises. Page A Bola (Portugal) reported the home side at Old Trafford had been secretly recruited reach agreement on the payroll left defender Porto - Porto Alex Telles replace Reguilon. Even the representatives of the 27 players present detected in Britain Thursday 8/9.

Alex Telles each jacket Gremio, Galatasaray, Inter Milan before landing Porto in the summer of 2016, and this team won two league titles Portugal. He also was voted the left-best league Brazil left-back Best of Brazil (2013), 2 times caught the PFA Team league Portugal and received the title of "Player of most Porto "2018. the trophy that's enough to convince Alex Telles MU spend money to bring back to Old Trafford.

Earlier this year, many sources claim that Chelsea are also interested in Alex Telles but can not afford the fee of 40 million euros (36 million pounds) which Porto request. However, at present, the Portuguese team can not require such large amounts by Alex Telles contract expires in the summer of 2021.

The move decisively "flip truss" Real - Reguilon to focus on the deal Alex Telles shows MU very urgently to strengthen the defense. Since the 2020 summer transfer market is open, the new Old Trafford team brought Donny Van De Beek rookie and completely deadlocked in the other deals.