Obsessions named Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is doing very well his job at Tottenham. After the round 11, the North London team was arrogant to lead the Premier League. Meanwhile, the MU of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is only recovering through the extreme bout.

Coach Mourinho (left) once covered Solskjaer in the recent strut

3am on December 9, MU will play the "Finals" with Leipzig at the end of the UEFA Champions League group. The rival of Coach Solskjaer in this camera is Julian Nagelsmann, a person who is like "Baby Mourinho". Unconsciously, the Manucian suddenly felt worried about the Norwegian army.

Remember in the 4rd round of the British, MU of "Solsa" who lost Mourinho's Tottenham carpet with a score of 1-6. A retaliation screen cannot be more impressive of "special people".

The Portuguese holder had a completely struggle on the engine compared to Solskjaer, who was very rigid in building a tactic. Remember in the history of the Premier League, after overloading more than 1,000 matches, MU has never trained 4 goals only in the first half, until the Tottenham's confrontation of Coach Mourinho.

Tonight, the German team Leipzig prepared what was worst to be for the British Representative. And the position that the Manucian is most concerned before G is also the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Especially when the other side of the war is a "Baby Mourinho" full of qualities to become a coach to succeed in the near future.

According to Daily Mail, coach Julian Nagelsmann is known as a defensive play in the first phase of his career. That's why this young coach is compared to the Portuguese strategist, and the nickname "Baby Mourinho" from there.

Mu Fear from
Nagelsmann coach (left) is considered to be able to reduce the Solskjaer pedestal (Photo source: Internet)

Nagelsmann coach (left) is considered to be able to lower the Solskjaer pedestal

However, the more I witnessed Nagelsmann's progress in the training career, the more people saw the German strategist similar to a typical representative of modern football, proactively attacked and controlled the game. Nagelsmann coach was supposed to be in the sights of MU himself, once Solskjaer was fired.

Waiting for coach Solskjaer to bring MU overcome difficult time

Many tactical questions are set to coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at this time. Because MU's forces are seriously chipped by the big match, with the absence of striker Edinson Cavani and Anthony Martial.

Cavani had injured in the match against West Ham last weekend and had to leave the field as soon as the second half closed. With Martial, the French striker also practiced to leave the field in the middle of the second half in the "Red Devils" match against the homeowner's beat 3-1.

Speaking to the flight to Germany, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer announced the situation of the team: "David de Gea is on the trip. Luke Shaw is the same. However, Edinson (Cavani) and Anthony (Martial ) No, they are having traumatic problems. "

Mu Fear from
How will Coach Solskjaer arrange personnel so that PSG disaster doesn't repeat? (Photo source: Internet)

How will Coach Solskjaer arrange personnel so that PSG disaster doesn't repeat?

In addition to the absence of Cavani and Martial, MU's German trip also did not have midfielder Fred, who received a red card in a defeat against PSG in the previous match. Therefore, Solskjaer must show that he is not a tactical coach in terms of tactics, by dealing well with the situation.

According to expert Martin Samuel on Daily Mail, this match MU will return to a 3-4-1-2 diagram as they face PSG in the Champions League round opening. At that time, Shaw would return to the left sidewalker, while Telles and Wan-Bissaka took on the two hallways.

In particular, MU's attack system in this match was expected to give 3 names to Bruno Fernandes in the 10th role, with the Greenwood and Rashford striker duo. The newly established star Paul Pogba is expected to return to the bench, and his position is replaced by Matic.

Now MU is leading the rankings with 9 points, but only over PSG and the main RB Leipzig in the secondary index. If you want to take a ticket to continue on the 1st round, the teacher of Coach Solskjaer will have to win at least 1 point when leaving Germany.