3rd place Premier League last season put MU back most prestigious arena in Europe. However, after the draw for the Champions League season 2020/21, the MU fans have reason to worry for teachers and students Solskjaer.

MU fall
MU each "enemies" with PSG (Image Source: Internet)

MU each "enemies" with PSG

Accordingly, the ballot aleatory put the "Red Devils" Manchester in Group H encounter 3 rivals Paris Saint-Germain, RB Leipzig and Basaksehir. And not doubt, reigning Champions League runner-up is the most serious competitor of Manchester United in the league table.

After the defeat against Bayern in last season's final, coach Tuchel's men are staggering growth with a series of excellent players in the squad including Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria, Icardi ...

That's why the PSG still full of longing and hope to make history in the next season, despite the fact that in the summer transfer window, this team just adds versatile players Alessandro Florenzi Italia.

Perhaps, MU will have to be extremely careful with confrontations represent France in the league table. Because PSG must not forget the "feud" was eliminated from the Champions League season 2018/2019 1/8. Then, "He learned the" Ole Solskjaer unexpected display spectacular comeback despite losing 0-2 away in the first leg.

Bastard was even more difficult, the UK team also encountered an opponent is equally annoying is RB Leipzig in the league table. Last season, "dark horse" in the history of Germany after beating Atletico Madrid 2-1, which was first played in the Champions League semifinals.

Julian Nagelsmann young coach (33 years) clearly turned Leipzig became a formidable force on the European level. Before being eliminated by PSG in last season's semi-final C1, Leipzig 15 consecutive games won in the Champions League. Private comment knockout matches in the European Cup, they won 7/8 games. Not only in Europe, Leipzig also had a 34 game season, losing only 4 games.

Leipzig very difficult to play

Although Timo Werner sold to Chelsea, but also no shortage Leipzig excellence stars including Nkunku, Tyler Adams or Dayot Upamecano. Remember, midfielder Upamecano is also pursuing objectives MU in this summer. These are players who have reached the highest point in the match against A.Madrid after completely disabling strike partners Diego Costa - Llorente.

Obviously before two rivals 'bony', MU will have opportunities chiu know even the smallest. Fortunately for teachers and students Solskjaer when they can take advantage of the location named Basaksehir warehouse. This is the team in league play when Turkey was in form very disappointed with the nearest three defeats, conceding six times and no scoring.