Curse "German restaurant"

MU fans often only know the term "curse of South America". The reason is because a lot of South American players came to the team's home crowd at Old Trafford, in the contract "blockbuster" but failed. Not only the legendary superstar that even the players in the form of potential, too.

MU failed bids Werner:
(Image Source: Internet)
MU failed bids Werner:
MU tried to recruit many German players but unsuccessful (Image Source: Internet)

MU tried to recruit many German players but unsuccessful

Can mention some typical case for so-called "curse of South America". That may be the Juan Veron, Forlan, Anderson, the Da Silva brothers or later Di Maria, Falcao or the current Alexis Sánchez. It's hard to tell all the South American players have come and gone from Old Trafford, because they do not leave many successful imprint.

But perhaps the new German players is the object makes life most regret United boss. Hard to believe that in the history of Manchester United, only 2 German player to the "Reds". The first one is Ron-Robert Zieler - goalkeeper 2 years payroll MU but never breaking into the team's 2nd 1. Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Germany is one of the biggest football world. German national team with 8 times at the World Cup finals with 4 times crowned. "Die Mannschaft" also finalists EURO 6 times and 3 to raise the trophy. To get the greatest achievement was, the German football has produced many talented players ages throughout history.

However, it unfortunately only 2 MU only German players in its entire history. And further regret, knowing that the life of the MU coach has repeatedly tried to recruit the German players in different stages.

Regret history

In 2006, after Michael Ballack left Bayern Munich for free form, Sir Alex was trying to bring the midfielder to Old Trafford. However, after the re Ballack joined Chelsea, imprinted with this team with five trophies, including the Premier League title in 2009/10 and 2007/08 Champions League runners.

MU failed bids Werner:
The same thing has happened with Solskjaer if MU buy Werner deficit? (Image Source: Internet)

The same thing has happened with Solskjaer if MU buy Werner deficit?

Later, Sir Alex also pursued efforts Manuel Neuer, the goalkeeper is still on the payroll Schalke. "The old man near" even down to the pitch to convince. But Neuer decided to stay in Germany, Bayern and reap countless success with "Bayern" Bavaria. The same thing with Philipp Lahm and to Mesut ...

By 2013, when David Moyes became the "chosen one", he tried to recruit Toni Kroos and Gareth Bale. Ultimately, both of Real Madrid in the transfer window different and stay until today. Toni Kroos own mark on the third extra large silver trophy Champions League team Royal Spanish.

No purchase is Kroos, David Moyes had brought him Fellaini from Everton favorite student of MU. But that's never enough, and is part of the reason why "The chosen one" fired. He later situation recur with Mourinho.

Summer 2018, Mourinho request MU leaders recruited Jerome Boateng, 1 year ago Leon Gortezka. However, none of them in the Old Trafford. From that point, they all believe that Vice President Ed Woodward as signed the dismissal "Special One".

Current coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær is also eyeing Timo Werner, Germany striker believes that this will be the perfect addition to the system is operating attack of the "Reds". But Werner seems to direct attention towards Chelsea, with information gained personal agreement. Does "Solsa" can go into the car wound down as Moyes and Mourinho once?