Man United have the finish in the final 3rd place in the Premiership this year. Impressive achievements of teachers coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær will ensure they have a ticket for the Champions League next season. This is also the precondition for MU towards more memorable milestones in the journey back to the position of a "big" European.

MU extreme dream team
MU is on the way "revive" strong (Image Source: Internet)

MU is on the way "revive" strong

English Premier League season has officially closed and though still in the Europa Legaue war but Man United had planned to prepare in the best way for the next season. The summer schedule will be shortened that "Reds" in the ultimate decision over his transfer.

A summer full of exciting promises is what Manchester United towards, especially when CEO Ed Woodward has said numerous times that MU still enough detonate "blockbuster" in spite of the financial crisis due to Covid- 19 caused to European football.

MU extreme dream team
"Blockbuster" will be detonated at Manchester United this summer (Image Source: Internet)

"Blockbuster" will be detonated at Manchester United this summer

With these moves during 1 month, MU expected additions in midfield and defender. This will be the second line that coach Solskjaer not completely secure and your strategist Norway may soon enable the goals that the team is pursuing.

The contract is worth waiting for the best MU midfielder will probably Jadon Sancho. British attacking midfielder is reportedly wanted repatriation and deserve MU is the ideal landing place for Dortmund star. Talent mature from oven training Man City were MU pursued for a long time and ourselves Sancho has also admitted he would consider joining the team at Old Trafford if this team to win tickets to the Champions League next.

Prerequisites had and now Manchester United just reached an agreement on the transfer fee with Dortmund is enough to welcome rookie Sancho born in 2000. Besides, another name is also worth noting that Jack Grealish . Aston Villa captain could hardly continue to stick with this team when his talent is too big compared with the stature of a football team in relegation worry.

If Grealish joined United, the midfield this team will become stronger when Bruno Fernandes and pole Paul Pogba are sure the ice performance. That is the problem belongs to the midfield, and with defense, MU can fully welcomes the return of the face "new old" Dean Henderson. Goalkeepers are caps on loan Sheffield likely will return to competitive MU main interest began with David de Gea. An interesting competitions and brings extremely positive signal for the "Reds".

MU extreme dream team
Lineup "crisis" following Manchester United's season has been revealed (Image Source: Internet)

Lineup "crisis" following Manchester United's season has been revealed

Besides the temple guard position, MU also want to refresh when defensive midfielder Victor Lindelof despite efforts but can not play Harry Maguire food ideas with expectations. If salaries not allow MU interested "cornerstone" of Naples, Kalidou Koulibaly, a different choice would be more feasible Nathan Ake.

Coach Solskjaer ever appreciated Ake and though denying the sale of recruiting former Chelsea player but in the context should be given the choice, Captain MU hardly refuse cards safe is war years in Premier League though relatively young (born in 1995).

MU extreme dream team
Solskjaer promised teachers and students become good competitor with champions Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer promised teachers and students become good competitor with champions Liverpool

These transactions above will consume not less fund the transfer of Manchester United but with ambitions to compete championship Premier League next season, the home side at Old Trafford certainly will not regret the money to replenish the missing piece in the lineup .

Of course, the combination of these stars will play well together is not easy task for coach Solskjaer. Still, with the names expected to recruit in the summer, MU will really become a huge counterweight for the defending champions on the way Liverpool defend crown next season.