Premiership crowd is very excited waiting for the return of the tournament. The team has started back training troops waiting date in mid June. However, the audience is not allowed to pitch the team will lose a revenue account is not small.

MU enjoyed huge advantages, Premiership tremble
Mirror newspaper headline "They will grow strong again" - Premiership and anxiety post-Covid-19 will help MU revival (Image Source: Internet)

Mirror newspaper headline "They will grow strong again" - Premiership and anxiety post-19 will help MU Covid renaissance

Besides, the club also have to pay back over £ 300 million television rights by not playing schedule. This creates economic impact is not small to the team especially when they were gong to pay despite having no revenues during the three months of the epidemic. Poor but also the rich nor difficult more.

According to The Mirror, four Premiership giants Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea have narrowed and expenses in future budget cuts transfer is inevitable. This will affect this team pretty much when the team no extra freshness.

Meanwhile, Man City is no better how they will watch the UEFA ban on playing in European competitions in the next 2 years. The leaders of the "Big 6" assessment team Manchester United is the most benefit from pandemic Covid-19 and will be a candidate for next season champion.

"The crisis has been a blow to the whole football world, all will have to adjust in a 'new world'. However, a team like Manchester United can" pedal waves pass wind "better than all all. They have stable revenue and began restructuring the club with young players from a few years ago. They will 'renaissance' after the epidemic is over, "an unnamed official told the newspaper the Mirror.

MU enjoyed huge advantages, Premiership tremble
Solskjaer has chosen to create a powerful team for post-Covid MU-19 (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer has chosen to create a powerful team for post-Covid MU-19

MU is lagging behind compared to Liverpool and Manchester City in the last few seasons due to mistakes in the transfer policy. However, the "Reds" has found the right direction to go under Solskjaer. With strong financial strength, MU will take this opportunity to shorten the distance squad with the remaining teams.

Although there are still 418.7 million pounds debt but United's brand gives them enormous revenues. Last year, Forbes magazine valued this team up to 3.13 billion pounds. In February, the latest financial report of the "Reds" shows they grossed 180.3 million pounds in commercial revenue increased 7%.

That's why the MU is one of the first team is ready to ensure salaries for employees in Covid-19 season. Meanwhile, Liverpool or Tottenham needs to reflect about cuts or even through the government budget to solve the problem.

Currently, the transfer rumors about Manchester United a lot with names and quality were young like Sancho and Jack Grealish Jadon ... With economic advantages, MU would not be hard to dislodge opponents and make up a "storm shopping" in the transfer after the season.