Dembele and the rare shining moments:

Sources from the Daily Mail said, Manchester United and Arsenal have joined the race for the striker's signature on the payroll Barcelona - Ousmane Dembele for additional strength in attack.

MU dose of Arsenal, Liverpool hunting
MU unexpectedly joined the race to recruit "spray bombs" Ousmane Dembele with Arsenal, Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

MU unexpectedly joined the race to recruit "spray bombs" Ousmane Dembele with Arsenal, Liverpool

Barca recruited Dembele from Dortmund for 145 million euros (105 million euros included 40 million euros surcharge, approximately equivalent amount of 126 million pounds) in the summer of 2017.

Underwent 3 seasons, can confirm this is the failure of investment services by the new French striker played a total of 74 caps, scoring 19 goals, for most of the time sitting out for treatment of injuries. 2019/20 season, Dembele just 9 stone match (scored 1 goal) and rest of the season because of recurrence of injury.

Therefore, the media can not help stunned Manchester United, Arsenal interested players 22 years old. Remarkably at the end of March, is also rumored Liverpool want to "solicit" Barca ceded Dembele for 81 million pounds.

According to Daily Mail, Barca are willing to go with fee Dembele 43 million pounds (50 million euros approximately), which suffered losses of more than 80 million pounds. However, this price is too wrong with a player "in the hospital" than soccer.

On the other hand, the Camp Nou has more money invested many potential deal as Neymar (PSG), Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan) in the context of financial difficulties.

Experts predict Dembele just a backup solution if Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool can not carry on in the top target summer transfer window 2020. While interest MU ever Harry Kane (Tottenham), Erling Haaland (Dortmund ), Liverpool put Timo Werner (RB Leipzig) in its sights, Arsenal priority Emerick Aubameyang keep ahead of the Pierre-snoops Real and Barca's own.

Case can not convince Gabon striker a contract extension, "Gunners" may precede the competitors verbal exchange offer players.

Of course "gamble" Dembele still hidden risks. Except the advantages of age (22), a history of the disease can make the French players have difficulty in integration with the environment harsh Premiership.