MU defense has a forgettable match when conceding two goals in the first half when confronted with Basaksehir in the Champions League. Although Anthony Martial has reduced the lead before the break but that is not enough for MU get 1 point. This really is a signal not fun especially when MU will have to travel to Everton this weekend.

MU defense played like a dream sleep: coach Solskjaer what justification?
MU Solskjaer admits mistake "not acceptable" (Image Source: Internet)

MU Solskjaer admits mistake "not acceptable"

Answer after the game, coach Solskjaer admits the players are not playing well and getting these errors are not acceptable. "Our performance was not enough simply to convince. They have good attacking some situations and get two goals. It is common in the European Cup when you are not good defensively.

The first goal, we forgot about the enemy's lone striker and that is inexcusable. The second goal, we do not withdraw the tasks ball. "Sample" for opponents two goals like that, we can not turn the flag in the second half.

MU had a goal from an attack, that's a good goal of Martial. I think 45 minutes is enough for the second half but could not be leveled despite trying hard. It's hard to that optimistic with the current situation. However, MU still possesses good players and we have a chance in a confrontation with Everton at the weekend ".

Newspapers said Solskjaer are experiencing tremendous pressure and risk going to get fired, but the teacher Norwegians do not think so. "I refuse to comment on the matter. Everything was too early and that it is still there. I was the club recruited colleagues and I will try my ability."

Donny Van De Beek said that Manchester United can play better

In the other direction, Donny Van De Beek also blames herself playing good not lead to this result. Dutch midfielder said. "I'm really disappointed. I thought we started well but give opponents a goal. I do not know why. Maybe it's because we're impatient. We can do better as so.

We are a team and they all have to take responsibility. There are a lot of space to create chances but we did not this problem well. Basaksehir played well but the problem lies in us. We need to play better, especially in the match against Everton at the weekend ".