The good start with the victories against PSG and RB Leipzig of MU became faint after unexpected defeat in Turkey before Istanbul with a score of 1-2. Although still at the top of Table H, MU's situation would be very complicated if they could not win the entire 3 points in the Istanbul rematch at 3pm tonight, when the gap between them with this opponent himself was only 3 points.

MU decided to
The ability to play Pogba is still open open (Photo source: Internet)

Pogba's ability to play is still open

Sharing about the importance of this confrontation, Coach Solskjaer said in a press conference: "Concise is very important. We understand the complexity of this table and start well with 2 victories. Achieving 10 points as quickly as possible is our goal, but the last failure is a dangerous leg. Now that goal can be raised to 12 points. We will make my best to achieve it. "

MU will make a late decision about Paul Pogba's ability to play after the player sitting in a 1-0 victory over West Brom last weekend with an eye-eye problem. Besides, Solsa revealed that Jesse Lingard was having to be isolated because he was recently exposed to the suspect of Covid-19 and Luke Shaw risk to sit outside for another month because of the tendon injury.

Solskjaer also mentioned Anthony Martial's performance, when the player scored 23 goals for MU last season only 2 times in this season. The Norwegian strategist urged Martial to find themselves, but admired the suspension of 3 matches because the red card in the match against Tottenham and the lack of confidence caused this situation of the French striker.

MU decided to
Solsa wants Martial to regain the form (Photo source: Internet)

Solsa wants Martial to regain the form

"Anthony showed how much he could do in the previous season, now is the time to grow higher and do more," Solsa said. "He scored 23 goals last season, every season is now a challenge and he can't let himself rest. Requirements are common things in each position.

Anthony needs to be more bold. On the Frenchman he showed the qualities of a leading striker, but missing delicious opportunities could make his confidence affected. His chance metabolism was fine, but the current goalkeeper was bullying him. Three games had to stay too much but he scored against Basaksehir, I hope he will keep this form. "

At the confrontation in Turkey, standing in the MU wooden frame, Dean Henderson, but at this reunion, the high ability David de Gea will regain its position. Solsa said that there was a "healthy competition between Henderson and De Gea", and said he was "no responsibility to help all satisfied."