Jadon Sancho still join the summer training trip of Dortmund and time for MU has expired. That means British brightest talents will continue to stay with the team Ruhr black gold, as the confirmation of this team officials.

MU deadlock Sancho acquisitions: Mistake as Haaland - Dybala, Solskjaer cry hate?
Sancho (right) is likely to stay in Dortmund (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho (right) is likely to stay in Dortmund

With this situation, the only coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær was the most headaches. Norwegian military rulers urgently owns a impressive winger, who has the ability to create mutations in the two corridors. Sancho exactly what "Solsa 'expectations.

Footsteps Dybala

Looking at the context of the MU in the deal Jadon Sancho, many people will associate must have what took place in two transactions Paulo Dybala and Erling Haaland Braut. Can shine of rookie Bruno Fernandes obscured all but the previous "Red Devils" have missed the whole Dybala Haaland and deeply regrettable.

Summer 2019, the opportunity to own MU Paulo Dybala when he is incredibly bright. The only thing keeping this deal bust is not ready MU held out a contract with a salary of crisis. Besides, the "Reds" also rejected a bribe amount is relatively large for a representative of Dybala.

MU deadlock Sancho acquisitions: Mistake as Haaland - Dybala, Solskjaer cry hate?
MU once very close Dybala (white shirt) (Image Source: Internet)

MU once very close Dybala (white shirt)

Dybala did not inherently excited about joining Manchester United, especially as Juventus are at the peak of fame and ambition towards Champions League. Meanwhile, deputy chairman Ed Woodward worries Dybala can go in footsteps of elder Di Maria. MU decided to reject the claims from the Argentine side, making the deal collapse at the end of summer 2019 fair.

But the deal "spray bombs" that the individual chemicals or with Paulo Dybala. "Little Messi" recently surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo to holding the title of best player of 2019/20 season of Serie Dybala extremely effective in attack, become partners with Ronaldo eat the most.

Haaland & regret that MU

1/2020 to month, after having gone through a period of extremely struggling, MU intends to recruit Erling Haaland Braut. Actually MU rather new Dortmund is the team entered the front in the race for the signature of Haaland, in time Norway striker was on the payroll of Salzburg.

The newspaper revealed that dated 12/13/2019 Athletic coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Vice President Ed Woodward flew to Austria to convince Haaland at Old Trafford on March 1. At that meeting, his former student's " Solsa "expressed enthusiasm to the invitation from the England team.

MU deadlock Sancho acquisitions: Mistake as Haaland - Dybala, Solskjaer cry hate?
MU may miss both Sancho and Haaland (Image Source: Internet)

MU may miss both Sancho and Haaland

But things become troublesome after Mino Raiola super stork - the representative of Erling Haaland striker to participate in negotiations. Nominally, the Ruhr area only team to spend a mere transfer fee of € 22 million to get the nod of the club Salzburg. However, the total amount spent in the deal Dortmund Haaland up to 80 million euros.

Accordingly, in addition to the transfer fee, the Dortmund to spend more 8 million euros in bribes for Haaland (reportedly to announce Haaland), plus 15 million euros for Mino Raiola super stork. The contract extends to 2024 the total wage Haaland has reached level 35 million euros. And MU has firmly rebuffed requests from Erling Haaland family as well as fees for Raiola bribe.

At the present time, can the MU fans have forgotten the relationship between this team with Paulo Dybala - thanks to the shine of Bruno Fernandes. However, regret that looked into the dazzling performances with Dortmund Haaland has always existed, it is not about "Reds" will again have to regret if not tenacious pursuit Sancho.