Mourinho made the best post-Ferguson

Many people think that Manchester United were too hasty when Jose Mourinho dismissed. There are many reasons to justify that decision. However, the fact that Mourinho is still the best work at Manchester United, after Sir Alex Ferguson's reign.

MU crippled Tottenham sublimation: Solskjaer disappointing, with regret Mourinho?
Mourinho is the best coach in the MU doing well post-Sir Alex (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho is the best coach in the MU doing well post-Sir Alex

Want proof? The most obvious figure, which is the ratio of MU victory under Jose Mourinho the best coach in the MU lead after Ferguson. MU's "Special One" reached 58.33% winning percentage (84 wins in 144 games, lost only 28 games). "Reds" by which also earned the title 3 times with 3 runners, including the No. 2 2017/18 Premier League season.

The other coaches are far behind in this aspect. Win ratio of David Moyes with MU is 52.94%, Louis van Gaal even lower with 52.43%, 54.46% Ole Gunnar Solskjær is the caretaker and Ryan Giggs led 4 games with the odds are 50%.

It is worth mentioning that, out of 4 names listed above, only Van Gaal earned MU 2015/16 FA Cup title, was the best achievement of Solskjaer's just put MU touch 3rd place Premier League . Those cited above, one thing is clear Mourinho who do the best for Manchester United.

And thanks to the hasty of leaders Manchester United, Tottenham are now collecting the fruits of Jose Mourinho's first season leading the team from the beginning of the season. Phase half last season, "special" as a relatively good job of "cleaning up" the ruins of Mauricio Pochettino Spurs after leaving office.

Also in this 2020/21 season, Tottenham are extremely good momentum. They undergo a satisfactory transfer at the request of "The Special One". And above all, it is the Tottenham spent 22 days 9 Tourmalet stage extremely terrible battle that maintaining stable performance.

MU crippled Tottenham sublimation: Solskjaer disappointing, with regret Mourinho?
Mourinho earned honors MU ... (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho earned honors MU ...

MU has unfortunately Mourinho?

Currently, Tottenham is ranked third in the league, just behind leaders Liverpool mere 2 points. Meanwhile, MU ranks 15th, 9 points than Liverpool despite less than 1 ball rocks. In the over embankment in recent 4 rounds, Tottenham to Manchester United 6-1 victory at Old Trafford.

The problem is, "Red Devils" of Solskjaer never maintain stability, before falling into this crisis they played well against PSG or Leipzig. A spill or team battle hard to maintain the race in any public arena. Meanwhile, Tottenham are playing extremely sublimated with Mourinho, even now there are Premier League championship race.

... but Solskjaer is not

When Solskjaer of Manchester United, he was helpless with the factors used to make Mourinho failed. Paul Pogba is still the same, playing as if a child is not large. MU defense is still as bad as ever. Meanwhile, the likes of Alexis Sanchez Romelu Lukaku and then also have to "pack" to go. Do not say that Manchester United's Solskjaer spend less money, by the fact that the budget of the team also spent more than 200 million pounds to shop.

Mourinho once said that after he is gone, the problem remains that of MU. It is true that, the weaknesses in the transfer is easy to see. Play of the "Reds" has no distinctive point. Bruno Fernandes to right until, this team a little bit better start. So says MU were too hasty when Jose Mourinho was sacked completely unfounded.