MU surpassed Everton in the quarterfinals of the Federation Cup

The joy of the MU fans longer lasts, they have to receive a "news". After excellent crossing Everton in the League Cup quarter-finals (British League Cup), the rival of the army under the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the semi-final is the rivals Man City, the team crowned this tournament transparent 3 years ago.

Excellent MU defeated Everton by Cavani's shine

Fortunately, two teams into Manchester are a lot, Tottenham only has to meet Brentford under the Brentford team. The semi-finals will take place on the morning of January 5, while the finals were stepped back on April 25 instead of February 28. The British Football Football announced the return date of the Federation of Federation 2021 to April 25th in the following day in hopes of welcoming fans back to Wembley.

Tottenham stood in front of a huge opportunity to play the final, this was the fifth team led by Mourinho to sell the British Federation Cup, 4 times before he and his students were championship. The nearest is in the 2016/17 season when Mourinho also leads MU.

Meanwhile, MU fans started to worry about Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The 2019/20 season, "Reds" entangled the semi-finals when they lost all three semifinals, in League Cup before Man City, in the FA Cup in front of Chelsea and in Europa League against Sevilla.

MU under Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not play well in the Cup arena. Up to now after 2 years of led "Red Devils", the Norwegian military holder has not yet brought back to the traditional room Old Trafford with any title. MU of "Solsa" lost 6 times the trophy they attended, from the League Cup, FA Cup, Europa League to the latest was eliminated from the Champions League group.

Mu crashed city to sell League Cup: Solskjaer afraid of the curse, takes 6 trophies
MU's opponent at the League Cup semi-final is Man City (Photo source: Internet)

MU's opponent at the League Cup semi-final is Man City

According to the British media, the tactical premature of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the most specific answer to the so-called "knock-out curse" with MU. This season, the Manucian has noticed progressive points in both MU and Coach Solskjaer's style of play. And all hope "Reds" will create a better pedal than previous matches.

So far, Europa League 2016/17 is still the nearest title that this team touches. Has 3 seasons this team white hand. Therefore, pressing on a big "red demon", especially in the League Cup semi-finals here.