A few days after the closing 2019/20 Premiership, Manchester United will embark on the journey to conquer the arena Europa League encounter with Lask under the framework of the weekly round 1/8 (2h, 6/8). Earlier, sources from Manchester Evening News said coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær is considering not to stars playing in the Europa League for convalescence due to fund respite before new season meager.

MU conquer Europa League: Seamless SAO begged main stone, Solskjaer choose?
Solskjaer coach put great ambitions in the Europa League (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer set ambitious coach in Europa League

But in a press conference before the match online, Solskjaer has denied this information. Strategist Norwegian revealed to group key players begged him to be involved in the match: "The players did not want to rest, even every day begged me to let them play. It difficult to reject such aspirations. Above all, Manchester United want to win and will not allow anyone to rest ".

Besides, the 47 strategists confirmed the squad of "Reds" is not much change from the 5-0 victory in the first leg, even just named Jesse Lingard (players also attended the meeting newspaper) is the first name to make the stone capacity:

"Jesse would rock the main. The squad tomorrow is not much different from the squad in the first leg in February 3. We are facing opportunities quarter-finals after a 5-0 win that was not match though easy game. "

Solskjaer could find no lightly against Lask. Registered in the list of MU played in the dawn of 6/8, Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Maguire or Rashford have names, except the absence of force majeure because of injury (Phil Jones, Axel Tuanzebe). Several players from the youth team are also strategists believe Norwegians as Nathan Bishop, Ethan Laird, Teden Mengi.

On the journey to conquer the Europa League, Manchester United will have to confront many opponents stunned as Inter Milan, Sevilla or "compatriot" Wolves. However, Solskjaer remains committed first title with "Reds" over as coach:

MU conquer Europa League: Seamless SAO begged main stone, Solskjaer choose?
Pogba, Bruno Fernandes likely will play tonight (Image Source: Internet)

Pogba, Bruno Fernandes is likely to play tonight

"Manchester United have to go through 4 games away touching the crown. Through each season, teams increasingly progress, achievements rated 3 Premiership laudable but the next goal of our Europa League . the first title is important always. remember, Sir Alex has opened the era of domination Premiership after the first championship. "