2019/20 season saw Erling Haaland resonated across Europe. 20-year-old striker Norway confirmed his talent by way of a hurricane, sweeping all the attention of the fans. From Salzburg fulcrum, Haaland now suddenly become the most shining stars of European football.

MU closed unexpectedly 2nd rookie: Team Haaland, horrendous speed as Salah
Patson Daka is the man behind the success of Haaland in Salzburg (Image Source: Internet)

Patson Daka is the man behind the success of Haaland in Salzburg

After a strong impression with 22 goals after 28 games wearing RB Salzburg, the Norwegian star who landed in Dortmund on May 1. In the new team, play football at a higher level, Haaland continues exploded with 16 goals after 18 matches.

Not many people are interested in the fate of the Austrian club Salzburg, after many stars farewell this team. Erling Haaland to Dortmund, Takumi Minamino joined Liverpool. Actually, Salzburg still holding brace league title in Austria, both the League and the National Cup.

The reason is because there has been a replacement Salzburg worthy Patson Haaland named Daka. Zambian striker who scored 24 goals in league Austria - Austrian Bundesliga. On all fronts, Daka "fire" to 27 times, only poor achievement in Salzburg Haaland that season exactly 1 goal.

Many experts Patson Daka is "Erling Haaland new" in fact not true. Zambian striker is 21 years, while new Haaland 20. Furthermore, Patson Daka become pillars of Salzburg even sooner Haaland.

Only thing, the performances of the striker in the Champions League is not as impressive as the Norwegian star. In return, the Zambia players speeds are rated better than Haaland. Recall period still on the payroll Haaland Salzburg, Daka must kick into wing deviation.

And players still playing well, thanks to the physical platform and the speed is very commendable. Daka was evaluated as having good speed as Mohamed Salah and especially Sadio Mané - Player has also capped the Salzburg period 2012-2014.

Patson Daka is reached the sights of Manchester United

In this 2020 summer fair, a few big clubs in Europe like Tottenham and Lazio tried to Salzburg to question the Patson Daka, hoping to reap success with Erling Haaland Dortmund. So as identified by former skipper Gary Neville, if MU goes on talks with Dortmund for cases Jadon Sancho, they can turn to Patson Daka - a player has a goal well Haaland, again capable wingers like Jadon Sancho.

Remember in month 1/2020, MU also engaged in the race at the moment Haaland with Dortmund striker was on the payroll Norway Salzburg. But procrastination has led Manchester United to slip "big fish". Now, "Red Devils" have the opportunity to correct the mistake.

Manchester Evening News newspaper predicted, the deal promises Patson Daka not consume too much of MU transfer budget. Meanwhile with his Daka, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær could simultaneously solve the problem at the strikers and wingers.