The first hat-trick in the Bundesliga of Jadon Sancho

Translation Covid-19 has caused severe damage to the entire world of football and the 2020 Summer transfer window that will be absent the "blockbuster". However, according to information from The Sun, Manchester United are preparing for an extremely exciting summer with two "blockbuster" to from the Bundesliga.

MU closed two
Sancho and Havertz is the top target of MU in the summer transfer window (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho and Havertz is the top target of MU in the summer transfer window

According to the newspaper The Sun, "the Manchester Red Devils" want to recruit both Jadon Sancho (Dortmund) and Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen) right this summer. England midfielder is still the goal pursued by Manchester United in recent months by the home side at Old Trafford is the lack of a quality striker right.

Daniel James owns Ultimate speed, but simple gameplay of players are often caught all that MU was "hung" on the right and to focus their attacks on the left. According to Daily Mail, Sancho and Dortmund have tacit agreement that if an offer to buy the player is attractive enough German club will not prevent. Currently, the price of Sancho was speculation falls to about 100 million euros.

Meanwhile, young talent Havertz Kai caused the attention when there are 15 mixed up in the Bundesliga 2019/20. Forte Havertz position is attacking midfielder but now players are role playing pretty good when lone striker's key striker Kevin Volland injury Leverkusen.

Owning play smart and good technical background, Kai Havertz can play any position in attack. According to Britain's Daily Express, Manchester United are looking to recruit German money to increase the depth to the attack with the versatility of this player.

MU closed two
U23 very terrible attack which MU is dreaming (Image Source: Internet)

U23 very terrible attack which MU is dreaming

Starring Kai Havertz will help coach Solskjaer transformed MU attack extremely unpredictable. German midfielder striker can role play "virtual" rear Rashford-Martial, from their current location Lingard not good last time.

Also, Havertz play in a forward position on the left, or right, to the island location with Rashford, or Sancho. Even players can rock lone striker in case Martial, or Rashford not played.

If MU tactics attacking trio Havert-Rashford-Sancho, the "Reds" will own 23 attack under European superlative quality. Meanwhile, Rashford will "oldest" in 1997 while giving birth to Sacho and Havertz are in their twenties.

However, to accomplish this dream, estimated MU must spend about 180 million pounds by Havertz price is not cheap.