Thirst of Manchester

After day Ferguson back into the past, MU never Premiership champions. Thirst of Manchester has lasted 7 years, and promises much longer. This 2019/20 season despite interruptions because pandemic Covid-19, but definitely "Reds" have every opportunity to compete championship title.

MU closed Premiership champions: Army
For a long time, MU fans are not seeing this image (Image Source: Internet)

For a long time, MU fans not seen this picture

In the past 7 years, the best achievements of Manchester United in the English Premier League is ranked second with Jose Mourinho in the 2017/18 campaign. The season remaining, the home side at Old Trafford to 4 times standing outside the top 4, 3 absences in the Champions League. If this 2019/20 season did not go smoothly, "Reds" will stand outside the top 4.

This context put pressure on the shoulders of coach Solskjaer army is huge. Next season, the fans, "Red Devils" want to see the darling team back to position throne Premiership, after years of witnessing the opponent turns turn coronation. If Manchester United do not quickly find champions orbit, they can go into the footsteps of Arsenal.

In an interview recently, two young players Daniel James and Scott McTominay powerful statement to MU afford season championship race Premiership with Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea or Tottenham. Their belief is strengthened by the success in the recent period, with rookie Bruno Fernandes.

Both James and Scott Daniel McTominay confirms, once Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford back, the MU will own platform respectable squad. Accordingly, the strength of MU lies in youth, the desire - it was McTominay described by the phrase "starving army". In the past, Sir Alex also had success with a hungry army of his own - 1992 generation.

MU closed Premiership champions: Army
Solskjaer is in the hands of the army team "hungry" (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer is in the hands of the army team "hungry"

Waiting in Solskjaer

To this point, all had to acknowledge coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær way different view. Initially, he was underestimated in terms of expertise. But increasingly, "Solsa" The more shows the great potential, with a young team and enthusiastic as he himself so.

Under "Solsa", MU won extremely good results before the Big Six rival in the Premier League, including Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham. "Reds" has three times defeated the defending champions Manchester City in the Manchester derby in 9 months - as of prior to the tournament was postponed.

MU closed Premiership champions: Army
MU needs more recruits as Bruno Fernandes (Image Source: Internet)

MU needs more recruits as Bruno Fernandes

According to statistics from Opta, Manchester United have won 17 points out of a maximum 27 points in 9 matches against Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City (2 games) and Tottenham (1 match). They beat Chelsea and Manchester City in the 2 legged, and lowering both Tottenham. Work out, only Arsenal and Liverpool are the teams in Group 6 are not giants Manchester United beat.

One of the weaknesses of the MU in the previous stage is bad shopping. From David Moyes, Van Gaal to Mourinho, "Reds" has spent a lot of money, but the signings "blockbuster" are not effective. Di Maria, Falcao coach David Moyes, Mourinho Lukaku or main Pogba is such cases.

Meanwhile, coach Solskjaer also be appreciated in the shopping possibilities. All 5 of the contract of the MU under "Solsa" - Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Daniel James, Odion Ighalo and especially Bruno Fernandes all played well and proved to be looking man of military rulers Norwegian .