Where does MU way because of?

A familiar feeling for MU fans now is: they think their team has returned to a high form, but then returning to the ground after only 1-2 matches and discovered that everything still stood Not so pink. MU in the Premier League is always a mystery that as Leipzig's Angelino defender said not long ago, having the world-class rocky days and has the same day as a medium team.

MU after the positive results in the Champions League are "horse falls" in the Premier League (Photo source: Internet)

MU after the positive results in the Champions League are "falling horses" in the Premier League

MU's longest win in the Premier League since Sir Alex Ferguson retired was 6 matches, but not only a string. This happened up to 4 times, in the 2016/17 season of Jose Mourinho, the first 6 matches Ole Gunnar Solskjaer led MU, twice in the 2014/15 season, the first season Louis Van Gaal held.

Despite the head coach, MU also had such sublimation stone stages, but never lasted too long and then everything began to get worse. Van Gaal and Mourinho all lost their jobs, Solskjaer e was similar to the same case as the other two predecessors, and everything seemed to just come to a real situation that MU is lagging very deeply compared to the big guys Other European tactics.

Under Van Gaal, I thought would like to play a beautiful Dutch-style Football, but those who knew about Ajax of Van Gaal in the 1990s all know the style of Van Gaal as a remote contradiction compared to Johan CruyFF and World Cup 2014 showed Gaal valve ready to win. Having thing after MU obtained good results, the opponent started to catch a better MU and Van Gaal had no new moves.

Solskjaer seems to be falling into the old problem that Van Gaal and Mourinho encountered (source: Internet)

Solskjaer seems to be falling into the old problem that Van Gaal and Mourinho encountered

The same thing happens under Mourinho and the strange thing is the longest winning chain that "special people" bring to MU to come in the "Red Devils" season standing outside the top 4 and only winning the Champions League tickets for the Europa League championship . Mourinho's football style is becoming more and more blame and the 6 win of Solskjaer's victory after replacing Mourinho to reinforce the fans' confidence in the rightness of that decision.

Solskjaer will soon be fired?

So maybe the next Solskjaer is fired after a bad start of this season? They earned 1 point from 4 home matches, scored 2 goals in Old Trafford since the beginning of the season, ranking 15th in the bxh and recently, the first match to lose Arsenal at home from 2006. The new season only goes 7 The round but many things like repeating the Season of MU 2 years.

The basic reality is from more than half a decade, MU has never been included in the group of clubs that can impose the Premier League gameplay. MU was only comfortable to have a counterattack, and even that was unstable if an enemy manager knew how to fix it.

Arsenal's Mikel Arteta is an example, Arsenal attacks MU at some point but is always safe to put people in the weak position in the middle of the field as well as locking 2 wings, making MU when taking the ball always deploy slowly.

Brighton stood below but not only spoke more desks than MU, they also scored many tables from living balls

So after about 6 seasons MU still did not improve tactics, when their best attack was disabled, switching to pass, then passed up and to lose the ball or if lucky The striker knows to rotate to earn a free kick or even penalty.

Bruno Fernandes is "new Cantona" or something is just a person and a powerful attack is not based on only one player. While the teams like Southampton or even Brighton developed a very effective attack (Brighton standing under MU but scored 8 goals from the ball living after 7 rounds, MU scored 3 goals), Mu still pretended.

A few victories in the Champions League did not say many things from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Lower PSG or Leipzig was truly easy to spread fans but maintained a prolonged winning circuit in the Premier League to really say the ability Leading of a head coach.

Solskjaer seemed to be talented every time she was in a form, he gave MU to a few important victories and even before the strong opponents made the pressure down. Solskjaer did enough to keep the chair every time he was in danger, but how long did he accept this match?