MU fans are not shocked with information from Paul Pogba Covid-19 infection soon after named in the list summoned France Tel. The star, 28, will have to perform quarantine for 14 days and missed training series preparing for the new season of "Reds".

MU chaos for Pogba, Maguire: Running momentum
Instead of the "blockbuster", MU attention thanks to a series of messy concerning the pillars like Pogba, Maguire (Image Source: Internet)

Instead of the "blockbuster", MU attention thanks to a series of messy concerning the pillars like Pogba, Maguire

In the 4th week (2/9), MU will officially returned to training to prepare for the season 2020/21. However coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær extremely headache when the game constantly get into trouble, "My God, O earth."

Before Pogba, defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka also miss the preparation stage due to the implementation of provisions quarantined for 14 days. Remarkably, the 20-year-old calmly ignoring recommendations from current club and resort in the UAE - countries of the list must be quarantined prior to entry into the UK due to the impact from the translation Covid-19.

However, the most shocking event was the scandal affray, assault police Harry Maguire Greece. Midfielder 27 must receive 21 months' probation, lose interest to England, even facing the risk of stripping MU captain because affecting the reputation, image club. More or less, Maguire also no good spirits while back massing.

Players caught messy, summer transfer campaign of MU fell into a stalemate. "Reds" can not announce rookie "blockbuster" series yet though aimed notable stars as Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish, Kalidou Koulibaly ... "contract" is most notably Dean Henderson - goalkeeper called back from loan Sheffield later time.

Contrary to MU, and their competitors are performing extremely positive. Willian Arsenal debut, William Saliba, preparing for Gabriel Magalhaes. Chelsea released Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech Ben Chilwell and organize successfully recruited Kai Havertz, Thiago Silva.

Coach Solskjaer not from anxiety when rivals extremely effective activity on the transfer market

Manchester City is also quickly put on Nathan Ake, Ferran Torres. Even according to media sources, the Etihad Stadium about to explode "super blockbuster" hottest football history: Lionel Messi. Even Liverpool, though not too positive move also brought home Champions League - Thiago Alcantara.

2020/21 season, the influence from Covid-19 led the European team had very little time to prepare, so that the sluggishness of MU fans are worried.