After the national team's matches, club football returned but the teams were worried by the injury situation with the Covid-19 translation, causing many teams to damage heavy forces. Liverpool is probably the most heavily loss team in the Premier League, but not only they are influenced.

MU can take up to 7 Stars West Brom, Solskjaer Low Running Cavani
Solskjaer worries about MU force, in which Rashford is also hurt (Photo source: Internet)

Solskjaer worried about MU force, in which Rashford was also hurt

MU will meet the team in the dangerous group West Brom this weekend in a match that they are evaluated in "the door" on the performance, but kicks at Old Trafford home and even afford to confront West Brom's " The Red Devils "has nothing impressive. MU still hasn't won any match at Old Trafford in the Premier League this season, even before West Brom, MU newly wins once on the house at home against the last 5 times.

And the preparation for the coming match of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was greatly affected when MU could take up to 7 more players. According to Manchester Evening News, in addition to Eric Bailly and Luke Shaw injuries are definitely absent, Solskjaer is waiting for the health situation of 4 other players, Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, all four people suffering pain At different levels.

Maguire suffered a leg pain while playing for him to meet Iceland on Wednesday night and did not attend the session on Thursday, while Lindelof had to compress back pain to compete for Swedish. Draw in the middle of the match against the French. Surprisingly, Lindelof still practiced on Thursday, but there was nothing to ensure that this midfielder would keep up.

Meanwhile, Marcus Rashford had to withdraw from the British team due to shoulder pain, though the immediate signal was positive for Coach Solskjaer when he had practiced on Thursday and also the main kick against West Brom. Martial had back pain so did not play for France in the match against Sweden, and now MU is waiting to see if he can recover for Saturday night.

Cavani has just returned from Uruguay's time while a series of players of this team is positive for Covid

Solskjaer will have to prepare for all possibilities because the personnel is likely to be absent from all the main kickers in the defense and striker. If you lose both Maguire and Lindelof, MU defense will have a dashing day, and Martial's position can be replaced by Edinson Cavani or Mason Greenwood, but even Cavani is unlikely to play and Greenwood is sick.

Due to the back of the Uruguay team, Cavani will have to try Covid-19, in the recent focus, there are many Uruguay players who have been positive and have to return the club as well as a quarantine. Cavani this year was infected with Covid once when on vacation on Ibiza island and some PSG players.

If Cavani does not pass the test, MU will lose a value selection in the plug position. In case of Cavani positive for Covid-19, he will not be able to kick the match against West Brom, Southampton, Basaksehir and Paris Saint-Germain.