Under the plan, the Premier League is expected to return to the stage after 12/6 days to break because of the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19. However, this milestone will be moved to the day 19/6 by many players worry that this is too early again, in the context Covid-19 has not really been controlled in the land of fog.

MU can be opened when the Premiership back: fiery confrontation Mourinho
Tottenham - Manchester United will be worth watching couples when Premiership back (Image Source: Internet)

Tottenham - Manchester United will be worth watching couples when Premiership return

DailyMail newspaper said all 10 matches of the opening round Premiership return date will be streamed live. TV stations have been notified to prepare the season back, with one match to be broadcast live on Friday (19/6), followed by 4 matches connection live on Saturday and Sunday with separate time slot, before a stone ball at the latest on Monday night.

Whatever the specific schedule is still unknown, but according to DailyMail, very high ability MU will contribute in the earliest match dates back to the opening round, when they will arrive as guests before Tottenham Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. This match will also be the focus of this round and promises to be dramatic, as both teams need points to rise to higher positions in the standings.

This game is still worth a look when MU will have the opportunity to play against their former coach, Jose Mourinho, coach of Ole Gunnar Solskjær predecessor. This will certainly be an emotional reunion.

In the first leg between the two teams on March 12/2019, Manchester United won 2-1 at Tottenham with a brace of goals for Marcus Rashford striker, who has not recovered from injury to make up back to back. Current MU is a big advantage to the finish in the top four Premier League fixtures when their remaining relatively gentle.

Be aware, this previous competitions are scheduled to take place on Sunday (15/3). However, due to the pandemic Covid-19, all had to pause. Still, the appeal of the game will be significantly reduced when the audience has not been on the field. Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he would give the audience entered the game as long as Covid-19 vaccine cure was discovered.

Other information a new loan British press go, the Premier League next season will be at risk in the field no game audience. The source said that the vaccine can be found in February the following year, but it will take at least 1 years to replicate. Besides, the Prime Minister recently warned Johnson that Covid-19 vaccine might never be found.