What if a team that owns De Ligt in defense, midfield and Haaland Pogba in attack? Of course, that would be a very strong team in all three levels. And it is the dream that so many teams are heading to.

MU brainstorming place
Haaland, De Ligt and Pogba are players Mino Raiola talent representation (Image Source: Internet)

Haaland, De Ligt and Pogba are players Mino Raiola talent representation

MU owns Paul Pogba. MATHIJS Juventus de Ligt payroll. Meanwhile, Dortmund lucky Erling Haaland property prices relatively dirt. And that is 3 "treasures" that Mino Raiola is "owned". This heron is hand in hand with the stars the most coveted football world.

MU recruit apparent ambition Haaland and De Ligt, put 3 players on the same hub. But woe that, the relationship between "Reds" Mino Raiola stork with super guy is not good. England team publicly Raiola chain, after the trouble that "fat guy" Italian hospitality around Pogba future.

But also by the world, Manchester United missed Haaland in month 1. Amount of bribe which Raiola requirements for such missions of up to 15 million euros, while the transfer fee to pay for the club but Dortmund managing just 22 RB Salzburg million euros.

But now all can see, it turns out that money is still cheap compared to the talents of Haaland. Any team that wants to convince resale star Dortmund striker Norway will pay hundreds of millions of euros. Haaland is even being promoted to the level he was assessed to be soccer stars of the new generation.

But do not say to owning all three names mentioned above, even to hold people that Manchester United are - Paul Pogba, who is also very difficult. Important issues with the leadership "Reds" This time, it was done "warm" relationship with the super brokers Raiola. Because "fat guy" voice greatly to the decision of the stars.

According to the Daily Mail, all want Paul Pogba staying at Manchester United, and the only one who wants to leave is Raiola Pogba. Because every time pimping success will help Raiola pocket sums huge bribe. MU in the past have tolerated for greedy habit of this trigger hand.

Summer 2016, MU spent 101 million euros to give Pogba back to Old Trafford. During that mission, Raiola is said to pocket 24 million euros. Now, "Reds" do not want any more blood being Raiola. And so the conflict between the two blocks outbreak.

MU brainstorming place
Raiola're put Pogba leave MU (Image Source: Internet)

Raiola're put Pogba leave Manchester United

January 1, Mino Raiola during an interview with the newspaper La Repubblica has bluntly criticized MU: "From now on, I will not advice to any client that wants to move to Manchester United again, frankly I will not continue dealing with this team. "

"He fatty" upset because he could not give Pogba away: "That team unrealistic, no likelihood of success and can ruin the career of any talented players, including that there is Pele, Diego Maradona or mate Paolo Maldini. Particularly Paul Pogba case, he will not leave Manchester United but reality shows, Pogba need an ambitious team like Juventus to advance ".

Therefore, the ability to recruit MU Haaland, De Ligt and keep Pogba how, depends very much on their relationship with Mino Raiola stork super guy. However, doing business with Raiola never an easy thing. "Reds" obviously aware of this.