After the coronation in the Champions League this season, coach Hansi Flick admitted Kingsley Coman could be leaving Bayern Munich, to find new turning point in his career. This statement came amid MU Coman being very interested.

Coman was sought goal of MU (Image Source: Internet)

Coman is a target of MU Sought

24 year old midfielder has become a hero of Bayern Munich in the final, when given the opportunity and have the stone by the first phase set to bring the victory minimum for "Bayern" before PSG. Earlier, Coman had left open the possibility to leave Bayern in summer transfer window when the French star is following closely MU.

MEN Sport newspaper reported last month that United have to consider the possibility of borrowing if the deal Coman Jadon Sancho recruit bust. However, it is the moment Bayern are still focused on the season and confirmed they do not want to sell Coman.

French star became the savior of Bayern in the final suffocation with PSG (Image Source: Internet)

French star became the savior of Bayern in the final suffocation with PSG

At Bayern, Coman is considered the heir of the top players Arjen Robben to play is somewhat similar. Besides, Coman also owns an impressive physical foundation of the twin tackles. That is why he was "tormented" left PSG in the Champions League final this year.

"Kingsley Coman possesses incredible talent and today showed he can score," coach Flick praised his pupil. Then the team played at flank, Serge Gnabry also reserved praise winged Coman: "He has helped us a lot. He was out and fight with us. "

Coman ownership speed gameplay and technical similarities Sancho

Compared with Sancho, Coman is reputed name earlier when the midfielder had been rated as the brightest young talent superlative PSG youth academy. However, the philosophy of STAR buy PSG has made talents as Coman be eliminated and the result is Bayern Munich owned one of the best winger in Europe.

If MU can convince "Bayern" release the people, this will be the deal has great significance in terms of expertise, at the same time, "Reds" will save some money quite than buy Sancho's Dortmund.